Top 10 Tantric Massage Albums
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Top 10 Tantric Massage Albums
Tantric massage is used to tantalise all of the senses to help create a unique and positive environment to help you relax, from the music we use in session, to the soft candle lights, the feathers and different touches and strokes, to create the perfect, most blissful tantric massage. The below list is our favourite top 10 tantra cds. We have many different musical influences, but this list includes all the favourites.

Tantric massage is a unique journey of discovery, of the body, senses and energy using scented oils, relaxing and healing vibes, and the most heartfelt touch to worship and awaken your body, helping you drop into this present moment to feel the joy that surround us at all times. Sound (Sabda in Sanskrit) is one way to experience reality.

Sounds can create intense vibrations within the body, most of the time the things we hear are warning sounds, a police siren for example is just that, and when we are stressed, the slightest noise can make us jump or add to our stress as our brain and nervous system identifies all sounds as danger or harm, tantra seeks to restore balance by aiding relaxation, breathing deeply and using healing sounds, and the music used in tantric massage is designed to help you relax, allowing the nervous system to stand down from red alert and to give your body chance to respond appropriately and to become more balanced.

Another way that can be useful when trying to access the senses is sensory deprivation, so sometimes in tantric massage sessions blindfolds are used, when the sight is limited, it can allow the other senses to be heightened, and us to have a new awareness of our bodies, and energy.

Top 10 Tantric Massage Albums
1)Deva Premal The Essence, Into the Silence this beautiful soulful voice and blend of magical music is the perfect sound track to help bring you into your sense of sound whilst experiencing a tantric massage

2)Ravi Chawla Chakras - the vibrations and blend of instruments help transcend and expand within your own body and a favourite here at The London Tantric Temple

3)Tantric Sexuality - Llewellyn & Leora Lightwoman

4)Sacred Ragas Indiajiva

5)Deva Premal - the heart healing power of ancient chants and mantras, massage the soul

6)Shanti Lounge great for creative a calming, funky mood

7)Chakra's Dream: Sensual Massage 2006 perfect for that blissful feeling

8)English Patient sound track classical and calming, beautiful and inspiring just the atmosphere we want to create

9)Bliss A hundred Thousand Angels

10)Reiki 2 music to relax the body & mind, various artists

Tantra seeks to expand our reality by using all 5 senses, awareness and intention, as if you have awareness of yourself, you are truly able to connect with yourself and make amazing, beautiful and loving connections with others.

Tantric massage helps you to relax.

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How Tantric S*x Will Improve Your S*x Life
Nov 17th, 2014 by Aldouspi

How Tantric S*x Will Improve Your S*x Life

How Tantric S*x Will Improve Your S*x Life
"Tantra embraces the natural energies of the bodies and connects you with cosmic, universal energy. It is becoming one with the other, and the very cosmos itself." – Swami Nostradamus Virato
Ahhh tantric s*x – for couples who are patient, extremely se**al and extremely open, it can be the most powerful intimate experience of your entire lives. Intended to help a couple to expand, to be free, and to be liberated, it involves channeling your energies and becoming one – in the process you're able to enjoy the most incredible, mind-blowing, convulsion-inducing org**ms you've ever had, explore your most primal urges, and really connect on a whole new level.
Intrigued? I don't blame you. The reason I know so much about this ancient ritual is because I was with a divorcee who used to practice tantric s*x with his ex wife. We saw each off and on for almost six months, and it was hard to let him go after connecting with him so intimately. He was thorough, intense, and generous between the sheets, and if often took me nearly an hour to stop my legs from shaking after one of our marathon lovemaking sessions.
So let's look at how tantric s*x will improve your s*x life.
It will bring you togetherBecause the very foundation of tantric s*x is experiencing an openness and vulnerability, forcing you to forget about your inhibitions, tantric s*x can help you to connect with one another, both in and outside the bedroom. It may be a little awkward at first (one of the first exercises you should practice is just staring into each other's eyes in silence), but once you get past that initial discomfort, you'll find yourselves on a new plateau.
While tantra can heighten sensations during s*x, it can also help you deal with disagreements, stress, and boredom in the relationship. Once you feel this new chemistry with your spouse, you'll find yourself communicating in a healthier way as well as looking at things differently.
It will make you more confidentWhen you and your partner are able to engage in slow, passionate tantric s*x, you'll find that your inhibitions fade into the background and you're able to act more freely behind closed doors. This new-found freedom can be a major confidence boost. Not only will you find that you're more willing to show your vulnerable side during s*x but you'll also walk with your head held higher knowing that you can make a woman's eyes roll into the back of her head for hours.
S*x in general will be (much) betterLearning the principles of tantra takes some time, but once you've got them down-pat, you won't know how you enjoyed s*x before it. Both men and women who practice tantric s*x have experienced deeper, longer org**ms as well as multiple, compounded org**ms to boot! Similarly, men who engage in this s*x ritual learn more about their physical responses and hence can "train" themselves to last longer or be able to go for several rounds of romping in one session.
It will help you focus on the presentForget about the meeting that went sour at work or your son who keeps getting in trouble in school – tantric s*x forces you to be in "the now," to focus on the present without any outside distractions. You'll welcome the se*y diversion.

To your success,
I thank you for taking the time to read this short report Johnfox© 2003-2010 World Marketing Media, Inc.

Johnfox© 2003-2010 World Marketing Media, Inc.

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The Advantages of Restorative massage Packages supplied by Tantric Massage London
Oct 29th, 2014 by Aldouspi

The Advantages of Restorative massage Packages supplied by Tantric Massage London

Human body often doesn’t work in a healthy way, when it goes through tension or mental problems. Meditation, full body spa and restorative massage are some beneficial techniques that reduce the effects of strain. These days, several spa centers supply numerous beauty goods for improving your charm and, reducing stress off your thoughts. Full body massage makes you stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. Just in case you are residing in London, you can easily avail the services of Tantric massage London.

The stimulation methods implemented by Tantric massage London, helps you in improving sleep, decrease blood pressure, eradicate harmful body waste and, minimize negative effects of pollutants on your skin. Their massage methods relieve muscle jerks, improve the circulation of blood, decrease pain and eliminate lactic acid. Tantric massage London could be described as delight, love, genuineness, intimacy, flawlessness, grace, luxury as well as sensuous moments. These qualities make their massage services, the most preferred one in the market.

The massage therapists appointed in Tantric massage London assist you in recovering from your sick condition and make your body fit and glowing with weakly massage therapies. When you receive regular massage from these professionals, your immune system will grow stronger and you will become resistant to bacterial contamination and allergies. Since, strain is the main reason for illness in many circumstances, even medical professionals and physicians ask you to go for a massage therapy.

Because of harsh environmental conditions, anxiety, old age, air pollution and environmental agents, your skin acquires frown lines, rigid jaws, pursed lips, squinted eyes, dark circles, wrinkles as well as patchy skin. These problems can easily be avoided by taking a facial massage at Tantric massage London. Their facial massage programs will manage the functioning of epidermal cells and enhance blood flow inside your skin. They add spark, moisture and warmth to your skin and, retain its beauty and texture. Furthermore, the light pressure of finger tips on your skin will comfort your tense muscles. This massage therapy will tone your muscles and improve the texture of your skin.

Full body spa offered by Tantric massage London, is a mixture of old Chinese and Japanese tactics. It’s said to increase physical, psychological and emotional balance of your body. Touch and Smell are considered to be two powerful senses of our body hence the fragrant essential oils are applied on the body, with light, circular motions of the fingertips to relieve anxiety, strain and tension. If you encounter serious body pain, orthopedic problems or other age-related problems, a Tantric massage will definitely relax you!

Meditation, full body spa and massage are some beneficial techniques that reduce the effects of stress. Today, several spa centers offer various cosmetic products for enhancing your beauty and, reducing stress off your mind. In case you’re living in London, you can easily experience the services of Tantric massage London. Check out our website for more information.

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

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