Eight Steps of the Tantra Yoni Massage
Jun 20th, 2010 by Aldouspi

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Tantra Yoni Massage in 8 Easy Steps

What is Tantra Yoni Massage? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and a tantric yoni massage is a method in which the yoni is pleasured & massaged from a perspective of love and respect.

The purpose of this massage is not to achieve orgasm (though it can and does happen as a welcome side effect) it is more about learning to give and receive, trust, intimacy, relaxation, pleasure, bonding and enjoyment.

This technique can be used by sex therapists and specialist massage therapists to assist women to break through sexual blockages or trauma.

How to give a Tantra Yoni Massage

Step 1 - Preparation - It is recommended that the receiver empty her bladder prior top starting, to prevent any discomfort. Then have her lie on her back with pillows under knees, hips and the head to allow her to see her partner and what is happening. This massage can be done on a bed, massage table or wherever you can be relaxed and comfortable.

Step 2 - Breathing - Deep, relaxed and slow breathing by both the giver and receiver is important prior and throughout the massage. The giver should remind the receiver at any stage, if she stops or starts shallow breathing - this can be done by breathing loudly rather than talking.

Step 3 - The Massage - Sitting in-between the receivers legs use a high quality oil (try to avoid aromatherapy oils) warmed to body temperature under hot water. Begin massaging the stomach, breasts, legs and thighs using long continuous flowing and circular strokes. This allows the receiver to relax more and the giver to explore and enjoy the touch and feel. Try to maintain eye contact as much as possible to make the connection deeper.

Step 4 - Yoni Massage - Pour a little oil on the mound above the yoni so that it drips down and covers both sides. Slowly and gently is the key, begin to massage the mound and outside of the yoni. Using the thumb and index finger of the right hand, softly squeeze the outer lips one at a time and slide up and down the length. Watching each other's eyes to gauge any adjustments or repetitions to increase the pleasure. Tune into the receiver, watching for all visual signs which will guide you, keep talking to a minimum or preferably none at all.

Step 5 - The Crown Jewel - Using the thumb and index finger gently stroke the clitoris using clockwise and anti clockwise circles, and squeeze gently. Watch the breathing, deep long breaths. Using the middle finger with the palm facing up, softly and slowly massage, nurture, relax and explore the inside of the yoni.

Step 6 - The G-spot - This can be found by crooking the middle finger back toward the palm. Just under the pubic bone you will feel a spongy area of tissue. Watching the eyes of the receiver, vary movements, speed and pressure to maximize pleasure.

Step 7 - Total Pleasure - The finger between the pinky and middle finger can also be inserted to increase stimulation. The thumb can be used to massage the clitoris and outside the yoni. The pinky can be used to gently massage around the anus (watch for visual signs whether or not to continue with this). At the same time use the left hand to massage the abdomen and breasts using gentle flowing loving strokes. All the while looking into each others eyes and slow breathing. Emotional release can sometimes occur, be gentle and keep breathing.

Step 8 - Finishing Off - Respectfully, slowly and gently remove your hands and when she is ready hold each other in a loving embrace.

Tantra yoni massage is just one technique used for total sexual pleasure. To discover more secrets of sacred sex and greatly improve your sex life whether single, attached or married please check out The Home Tantra Course.

About the Author: Steven is a Professional Masseuse & Part-Time Triathlete with over 3000hrs of study in Massage, Tantra, Tantra Massage, Exercise Science, Nutrition and Health related topics. Visit www.beginnerstantra

YumMatopia Presents the Yoniverse: Tantric Yoni Massage Part 2

Carolena of YumMatopia demonstrates Sacred Tantric Yoni Massage using a Yoni Puppet. yummatopia.com Camera work by Mead Rose. http to find out more about sacred sexuality visit: sacrederos.com

Click Here For Tantric Yoni Massage Part 1

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The Mystery of A Woman’s Tantra Orgasm
Jun 19th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Achieving Tantra Orgasm

Achieving Tantra Orgasm With Tantra Positions
By Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

The mystery of the tantra orgasm of women through the use of tantra positions can never really be understood by the uninitiated. There is simply too little authentic information about this phenomenon available. Only a genuine student of tantra can receive this precious knowledge from a tantra teacher and from actual practice. Under tutelage, even the secrets of a woman's tantra orgasm can unfold and be put to use.

The woman's tantra orgasm certainly cannot be understood by study of the works of Dr. Freud and veteran sexologists like Masters and Johnson. All that these stalwarts seem to agree on is that women can experience a basic level of orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Even today, this is the only way many women can achieve an orgasm...

Ancient tantra answers a burning question: why do men respond so well to genitals stimulation, while most women tend to remain unresponsive to it unless they are already aroused?

Your tantra master will explain to you that the male energy is always in an active mode of transmission, which is why even a feather's touch is sufficient to arouse a man. However, a woman needs her 'shakti prana' to be activated, before her genitals can respond to physical stimulation.

For a woman to achieve a deep orgasm, good circulation of 'shakti prana rasa' energy is essential. This is achieved by practicing the authentic 64 tantra prana exercises, some of which are referred to as 'Tantra Sambhogam Vidhi' mentioned in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

These, coupled with certain sound modulations, can help women who do have difficulties with climaxing to achieve explosive tantra orgasms. In fact, these techniques can help even the most jaded or unresponsive woman to become multi-orgasmic.

By the expansion of her consciousness, her orgasms also deepen in quality and intensity. These 'tantra rasa' techniques can develop her mind-body connection to a very superior level.

These tantra techniques can also be adapted to benefit men. However, ancient tantra is unequivocal about one basic fact - women have larger capacity for sexual pleasure than men.

The quintessential tantra goddess can experience a deep tantra orgasm from the 'Charmananda bindu' (or super-explosive vaginal energy release zone) deep inside her body, rather than the localized feeling most other women have with clitoral stimulation.

Though most health and women's magazines overflow with articles on sexual positions that guarantee orgasms for women, the fact remains that only about 25% of all women orgasm through intercourse alone.

Though G-spot stimulation can bring about intense orgasms, most women have never experienced it - not because of physical problems, but because her partner lacks proper technique or endurance. Tantra sets such orgasms as psycho-spiritual evolutionary goals, and empowers the man with the ability to give them to his woman.

A final and sobering thought - ancient tantra states that if a woman has never known the utter bliss of a genuine tantra orgasm, it is an insult to her feminine force. With so much at stake, every man and woman should seek to achieve their highest sexual potential through the guidance of a qualified tantra master. Bear in mind that this is not a learn-at-home art, for tantra must be practiced solely under the supervision of a tantra teacher. Attempts at amateur practice without a tantra teacher can have serious repercussions on the mind, body and soul.

Find the guidance you need to bring about a woman's tantra orgasm, through The Ultimate Tantra Home Course.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with an in-depth knowledge of traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons, kriyas and mudras from this young Tantra Master.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Acharya_Subhojit_Dasgupta ---- http://EzineArticles.com/?Achieving-Tantra-Orgasm-With-Tantra-Positions&id=4347965

Tantra and Kundalini

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Tantra For Women – Awakening Sensuality
Jun 19th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Tantra For Women

Tantra For Women - An Exercise to Awaken Sensuality
By Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

A tragic fact is that the gender (women) with the greatest potential for mind-blowing sexual pleasure and the ultimate erotic tantra experience, usually settles for much less. As a tantra teacher, I condemn the excessive cultural emphasis placed on a man's virility, and on the fact that a man's orgasm is essential for procreation.

Ancient tantra has always recognized that women, whose sexual satisfaction has ironically been downplayed for years, are the ones who are capable of multiple orgasms.

Women across cultures have been settling for bland, unsatisfying sex or no sex at all. They are unaware of the latent tantra goddess within, and therefore miss out on or ignore the very thing that could give them what all woman crave:

  • More intimacy and closeness.

  • Their partner's undivided attention, both within and beyond the bedroom.

  • Overall life satisfaction.

  • Confidence in their erotic appeal and attractiveness.

  • Confidence in a secure, happy relationship.

Even for women who report a general sense of satisfaction with sex, the ancient art of tantra can open up a whole world of pleasure beyond what they normally experience.

Tantra scriptures believe that sexual satisfaction is vital for strong emotional bonds. Both men and women experience deeper feelings of love and attachment when they share exquisite sexual pleasure and powerful desire.

I give below an esoteric tantra technique known as 'Shakti ambuddhi paddati'. This ancient technique is designed to increase a woman's sensual receptiveness and sensitivity to physical and emotional stimulation - in short, to awaken the tantra goddess within her and make her an active, eager and excited partner.

This tantra exercise also acts as a subconscious sexual 'tonic,' in that it helps balance hormones, create proper sexual function and increase libido in women. This particular exercise for women must be done at night, preferably between 1 to 4 am (the specific time is related to the breathing cycle).

  • Lie on your back with your arms along your sides and relax.

  • Exhale, then inhale deeply, relaxing all the muscles in your body.

  • Slowly exhale as you squeeze your 1st and 2nd chakras and the adjoining muscles, trying to pull your energy as deeply inward as you can. Do not strain while squeezing - this tantra exercise is not meant to be exhausting.

  • After exhaling, relax your 1st and 2nd chakra muscles for 10 minutes.

  • Repeat the inhaling and exhaling as you squeeze 1st and 2nd chakra muscles 10-15 times slowly.

  • Relax, then repeat the exercise, if you feel comfortable.

Tantra for women influences mind, body and soul simultaneously and is best practiced under the careful guidance and supervision of an experienced tantra teacher. Amateur instructions or attempts to self-practice tantra will not result in optimum benefits. It requires the expert guidance and supervision of a qualified tantra master to get the most out of such techniques, and to prevent possible physical and emotional harm.

For those who wish to discover the Tantric Goddess within, get a copy of Tantra Goddess- Sexual Secrets for Women.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with an in-depth knowledge of traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra online guide to read about tantra for women, learn tantra exercises and techniques from this young Tantra Master.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Acharya_Subhojit_Dasgupta ---- http://EzineArticles.com/?Tantra-For-Women---An-Exercise-to-Awaken-Sensuality&id=2889207

Tantra for Women Loving Women with LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart

Explore how Tantric practices create deeply fulfilling intimacy and open women's hearts to ecstatic union. Experience the sacred work of LoveJourney teaching Sacred Sexuality and romantic and erotic arts to women who love women.

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