Attempting Yoga For Again Ache? Then Choose The RIGHT Poses (Half 2)
Jan 3rd, 2011 by Aldouspi

I went over intimately using the shoulder stand sequence as ‘the’ Yoga train for back ache partially certainly one of this article. Now let’s go over the rest of the relevant poses shall we.


Wind Relieving Pose: (Vatayanasan)
Lie down flat. Now take a deep breath and hold it. Now fold your right leg on the knee and press the folded leg towards the abdomen. Make sure that to keep the alternate leg straight whereas doing this. Now, switch legs and to conclude this use each legs at the identical time.
5-15 Seconds

Plough Pose (Halasana):
Lie flat on your back on your blanket. Hold the palms, palms down close to the thighs. With out bending the knees, slowly increase the hips and the lumbar a part of the again and bring down the legs till they touch the floor or go as far as you can. The important thing here is to get as deep a stretch for the lower back as possible.
5-15 Seconds

Ahead Bend (Paschimothanasana):
Lie flat on your back on the blanket, with arms overhead on the floor. Maintain the legs and thighs firmly on the floor. Stiffen your body. Slowly increase the top and the chest and assume a sitting position. Now exhale till you are able to catch you toes, ankles or heels. Chances are you'll even bury your face in between your knees.
5-15 Seconds


Inclined Plane Pose (Purvottanasana):

Relaxation on your hands on heels, retaining the body straight.
5-15 Seconds

Bow Pose: (Dhanurasana)

This pose is hailed as the most effective backward bending exercise. Lie Prone on the blanket. Loosen up the muscles. Now bend the legs over the thighs. Catch maintain of the proper ankle with the correct hand and the left ankle with the left hand firmly. Raise the head, physique and knees by tugging at the legs with the palms so the whole body rests on the abdomen.

Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

Lie down. Bend the arms and legs. Raise the body and relaxation on the palms and feet. Tuck your head firmly in between your shoulders.
5-15 Seconds

Spinal Twist: (Ardha Matsendrasana):

-Sit on the ground with both legs out in entrance of you.
-Bend your proper knee, elevate your proper leg over your left, and place your right foot on the floor next to your left knee.
-Sitting with spine straight, place your left elbow on the suitable facet of your right knee.
-Bend your left arm so that your left fingertips are touching your right hip, whereas at the same time, twisting to look over your right shoulder.

Since this truly involves a twisting of the back, be sure you go solely so far as it's comfortable. As a matter of reality, it's advised that depending on the severity of your case, you only go so far as the poses can help you at any time.
5-15 Seconds

Corpse Pose (Savasana):

This is the relief pose. From expertise, after the spinal twist above, should you immediately get into this pose, there may be an indescribable feeling of aid from tightness in the back. You should attempt it out for yourself.

-Lay immobile on your back with the arms and legs slightly extended.
-Breathe deeply in counts of 5 that being in a ratio of 5:5:5
-Lay as such for so long as you need and you would mentally ship leisure messages to your physique components corresponding to “My ….. is hereby relaxed” (filling in the area with whatever physique part. Keep in mind to start from the toes working upwards.)

Other components to keep in mind when I say try ‘yoga for back pain’ are that Yoga entails the consumption of a healthy diet. This brings to thoughts Hippocrates’ quote: “Let your meals be your drugs…”

That considered, do make sure your weight loss plan is primarily made up of the best stuff, raw and cooked fruits and veggies.

This will relieve constipation and this reminds me of a true experience with my father years back. He had suffered a extreme back pain for weeks and an alternate well being advisor told him to eat a meal of plain fruit on a given evening and a pair of-three hours afterwards, he was instructed to drink a laxative tea. After a really good bowel motion the following day, the ache magically subsided. That said you could need to do that tip as well.

It is my hope that every one these pointers above will come in handy in your use of yoga for again pain reduction-with the best poses. So go on and provides it a shot today.

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Eight Steps of the Tantra Yoni Massage
Jun 20th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Aquella rosa d´ un altre jardi ( Tantra ) - th...
Image by all-i-oli via Flickr

tantra goddess

Tantra Yoni Massage in 8 Easy Steps

What is Tantra Yoni Massage? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and a tantric yoni massage is a method in which the yoni is pleasured & massaged from a perspective of love and respect.

The purpose of this massage is not to achieve orgasm (though it can and does happen as a welcome side effect) it is more about learning to give and receive, trust, intimacy, relaxation, pleasure, bonding and enjoyment.

This technique can be used by sex therapists and specialist massage therapists to assist women to break through sexual blockages or trauma.

How to give a Tantra Yoni Massage

Step 1 - Preparation - It is recommended that the receiver empty her bladder prior top starting, to prevent any discomfort. Then have her lie on her back with pillows under knees, hips and the head to allow her to see her partner and what is happening. This massage can be done on a bed, massage table or wherever you can be relaxed and comfortable.

Step 2 - Breathing - Deep, relaxed and slow breathing by both the giver and receiver is important prior and throughout the massage. The giver should remind the receiver at any stage, if she stops or starts shallow breathing - this can be done by breathing loudly rather than talking.

Step 3 - The Massage - Sitting in-between the receivers legs use a high quality oil (try to avoid aromatherapy oils) warmed to body temperature under hot water. Begin massaging the stomach, breasts, legs and thighs using long continuous flowing and circular strokes. This allows the receiver to relax more and the giver to explore and enjoy the touch and feel. Try to maintain eye contact as much as possible to make the connection deeper.

Step 4 - Yoni Massage - Pour a little oil on the mound above the yoni so that it drips down and covers both sides. Slowly and gently is the key, begin to massage the mound and outside of the yoni. Using the thumb and index finger of the right hand, softly squeeze the outer lips one at a time and slide up and down the length. Watching each other's eyes to gauge any adjustments or repetitions to increase the pleasure. Tune into the receiver, watching for all visual signs which will guide you, keep talking to a minimum or preferably none at all.

Step 5 - The Crown Jewel - Using the thumb and index finger gently stroke the clitoris using clockwise and anti clockwise circles, and squeeze gently. Watch the breathing, deep long breaths. Using the middle finger with the palm facing up, softly and slowly massage, nurture, relax and explore the inside of the yoni.

Step 6 - The G-spot - This can be found by crooking the middle finger back toward the palm. Just under the pubic bone you will feel a spongy area of tissue. Watching the eyes of the receiver, vary movements, speed and pressure to maximize pleasure.

Step 7 - Total Pleasure - The finger between the pinky and middle finger can also be inserted to increase stimulation. The thumb can be used to massage the clitoris and outside the yoni. The pinky can be used to gently massage around the anus (watch for visual signs whether or not to continue with this). At the same time use the left hand to massage the abdomen and breasts using gentle flowing loving strokes. All the while looking into each others eyes and slow breathing. Emotional release can sometimes occur, be gentle and keep breathing.

Step 8 - Finishing Off - Respectfully, slowly and gently remove your hands and when she is ready hold each other in a loving embrace.

Tantra yoni massage is just one technique used for total sexual pleasure. To discover more secrets of sacred sex and greatly improve your sex life whether single, attached or married please check out The Home Tantra Course.

About the Author: Steven is a Professional Masseuse & Part-Time Triathlete with over 3000hrs of study in Massage, Tantra, Tantra Massage, Exercise Science, Nutrition and Health related topics. Visit www.beginnerstantra

YumMatopia Presents the Yoniverse: Tantric Yoni Massage Part 2

Carolena of YumMatopia demonstrates Sacred Tantric Yoni Massage using a Yoni Puppet. Camera work by Mead Rose. http to find out more about sacred sexuality visit:

Click Here For Tantric Yoni Massage Part 1

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