The history of Reiki has been well documented
Feb 6th, 2012 by Aldouspi

Reiki - It's History and Emergence in the Wider World

The history of the ancient healing art of Reiki has been well documented. It is widely believed to have originally been practised for hundreds of years by Buddhist Monks.

However, at the end of the 19th Century a Japanese priest discovered this ancient healing art for himself. When his personal belief system was originally challenged, Dr Mikao Usi decided to leave Japan and study the teachings of Buddhism.

Through these teachings and during one particular meditation, Dr Usi was told he should go to Mount Kuri Yama near Kyoto. This he did and whilst there underwent a metaphysical experience which gave him the vision of the keys to what is now commonly known as Reiki Healing.

Dr Mikao Usi decided to use his newfound gift to heal others by setting up a practise in Tokyo. He became very well known and revered for his work and after his death a shrine was erected at Mount Kuri Yama in his honour.

During the years of work as a healer Dr Usi discovered some valuable lessons which have been passed down through the years to all Reiki practitioners. These are basic rules which must be adhered to enable the receiver of Reiki to achieve beneficial healing:-

A. A client must take on the responsibility for their own healing process by way of an exchange between recipient and practitioner either a monetary exchange or a gift.

B. A potential client must want and ask for healing.

These two rules led to 5 basic principles being introduced also into the holistic attitude of healing by using Reiki energy. They are (in condensed form):-

1. Just for today will let go of Anger
2. Just for today I will let go of worry
3. Today I will count my many blessings
4. Today I will do my work honestly
5. Today I will be kind to every living creature

Enjoying the benefits of Reiki does not mean you have a quick fire solution to your health problems. Our minds control so much of our physical symptoms and we must take responsibility too in helping ourselves heal. You may feel incredibly relaxed and care-free momentarily after a reiki session but if you do not scrutinise the causes which brought about your need for healing, then you will end up in the same position. Changes of attitudes may be required ie Principle 1 above, for today let go of Anger. You may suddenly feel the pain in your body disappear. Principle 2, let go of Worry - your headache eases off. Value yourself enough to allow the healing energy to work with you and seek the root cause.

Dr Usi passed down the teachings and principles to others who have taken them worldwide. Such are the success stories of Reiki that previously sceptical minds are now converted to accepting this type of healing and have gone on to become either healers themselves or recipients of the healing. The myth of healing hands is no longer a myth and has been replaced with many, many successful testimonies.

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Medicine Reiki
Jan 28th, 2012 by Aldouspi

Medicine Reiki

Medicine Reiki is a type of Reiki which incorporates Native American medicine practices and methods with the healing concepts of traditional Reiki. It is a newer method that helps those in need to heal. By using both of these methods in Reiki, it allows for one to be able to use two types of holistic healing. With the concepts of Medicine Reiki comes a variation on how this type of Reiki is used.

The beginning of Medicine Reiki was in 1999 by the founder K'sitew. His origins began when studying Reiki practices in Switzerland. From here, he moved back to the roots of Native American medicines in order to offer a variation healing method for those interested in healing through universal energies. He has continued to expand this practice in order to incorporate several energies.

There are several unique parts of the Medicine Reiki practice. The idea of higher universal energies is taken to a new level and understanding with this type of Reiki. Instead of having higher levels of energy which one can tap into, it allows for one to be able to find several different types of energy that relate to what type of healing one wants.

Among these healing energies, are several traditional Native American concepts that can be used. Energies such as the four elements, the bear and the eagle, Father Sun and Mother Earth, as well as other forms of energies can be used in one's healing. Deciphering which type of energy to use will depend on the type of healing that one will need.

Uniqueness in the Medicine Reiki method is that the advancement of healing is known to take place much faster than traditional Reiki. This is done not only by calling on different energies, but also by following several of the medicine ceremonies that are used in Native American healing. This may include things such as a Medicine Sweat.

The third uniqueness of Medicine Reiki is the use of community in the healing process. Attunements and healing practices are usually done within a group, allowing everyone to send energies to one person's healing. By doing this it creates a stronger bond among the different people and allows for more energy to be able to be used in the healing. By doing this, it is said to create better forms of healing methods.

The founder of the Medicine Reiki practice points out that this practice must become a discipline as well, not only to cure the ailment, but also to perform a healthier lifestyle in order to ensure that the Medicine Reiki method continues to heal. It is said that if the lifestyle doesn't change, then the illness or ailment will return.

The Medicine Reiki method has been proven to work, especially in relation to physical illness and disease. Those that are involved in this method are able to call on different spiritual energies in order to change their health and energy levels. By combining Reiki methods with Native American techniques, Medicine Reiki is able to help those in need to heal.

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The Third and Fourth Principle of Reiki
Jan 17th, 2012 by Aldouspi

The Third and Fourth Principle of Reiki

The principles that are used in Reiki are a basis for you to be able to continue to heal and call on universal energies as a way to unblock energies that you may have inside of you. In relation to the principles are several concepts and ideas to their being and meaning. These principles are used to change both the internal environment that you have as well as to know how to respond to the external environment that is constantly surrounding you.

The third principle states to "do your work with appreciation." In relation to this is the fourth principle which says that it is important to "be kind to people." These are both important in relation to the Reiki method as they will help in your healing and in the flow of universal energies.

Many who do not respond to the external environment with kindness and appreciation after they go through a Reiki healing method may find that there is a block in energy that reappears. Part of the importance in the healing method is to change the ways in which you respond to your environment. The third and fourth principles are important to learn because of this.

When one responds to their environment without care or with an attitude that is not kind towards others, it causes the energy that is available from the universe to be blocked. This is because the internal attitude causes negative energy to take over. In turn, this will stop the universal energies from flowing through one in their days work. This will not only stop the universal energies internally, but will also stop them from the others who are an important part of your daily life. This will be reflected both through the work as well as the relationships you have with others.

The external as well as the internal environments in Reiki are both important when one decides to go through the healing process. If you decide to begin the Reiki method, it means employing these different principles. By doing this, you will not only allow yourself for an energy healing and cleansing, but will also allow for this cleansing to continue while you are in an external environment.

These principles can then be used in relation to the first and second principles that are available. These state that for today, you do not worry and you are not angry. This allows for your internal setting of energy to be positive. When this is reflected with the external energies in your work environment, as well as with people around you, it helps for the universal energies to continue to flow.

Practicing the Reiki principles are an important part in helping to continue healing. By putting these different aspects into practice, it will help one to remain physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. The Reiki principles are said to be an important part of the Reiki training as it allows for those involved continuing the healing practice outside of the practitioner or classroom setting.

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Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

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