Tibet Mobile-based recycling of used mobile phones and batteries “Green Box”
December 3rd, 2011 by Aldouspi

Tibet Mobile-based recycling of used mobile phones and batteries "Green Box"

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August 1, China Mobile in Lhasa, Tibet, the western suburbs of business hall set up recycling discarded cell phones and used batteries "green box" recycling of used mobile phones the same day over 100, recycling of used cell phone batteries more than 200.

It is understood that the Tibetan movement attached great importance to energy-saving emission reduction work, combined with study and practice the scientific concept of development activities in Tibet and promoted within the framework of full implementation carried out with energy-saving emission reduction as the core of the "Green Action Plan", from the energy-saving, saving land, saving material, festival costs, waste recycling, social and business aspects of information technology to promote energy-saving emission reduction in order to effectively promote the building of Tibet resource-saving and environment-friendly society in the process achieved remarkable results.

Waste recycling

August 1 branch in the western suburbs of Lhasa, operating room, the establishment of Tibet Mobile phone and Toshiba pa3465u-1brs Battery recycling waste "green box." Lhasa public to come forward will be discarded mobile phones and batteries thrown into "green box" activities are not started more than 10 more than 20 discarded cell phones and used batteries lying near the "green box" inside.

According to Tibet's general manager of DONG China Mobile plans to introduce the Ministry of Construction, the company set up in Tibet and around the city, 400 "green box" recycling of used mobile phones and batteries from Tibet Mobile unified handling. Tibet Mobile nearly 2000 per year of recyclable scrap mobile phones, more than 3000 pieces of used batteries.

Set up a "green box" is a response to Tibet Mobile, China Mobile call to implement to reduce pollutant emissions and enhance the recycling of wastes, and actively introducing green energy, the cause of promoting environmental protection in one of the measures. The old SIM card through the recycling of discarded batteries, mobile phone and telecommunications equipment, proper recycling, reduce pollution, protect the environment. At present, the total re-use the old SIM card 320,000. Tibet Mobile also vigorously promote the mobile information service functions, speed up the training users to watch mobile phone reported that music platform to speed up the user's influence, making phones as a user information carrier, thereby reducing the need for traditional paper-based media, to reduce resource consumption.

Development of new energy-saving technologies

In recent years, China Mobile is committed to energy efficiency research and development of new technologies, Tibet moving actively introduce energy-saving technologies and promotion of pilot projects in Tibet, by reducing the power consumption of devices, reducing power consumption and so on, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, protection of ecological environment. This year, the Tibet Mobile will focus on investment in more than 800 million yuan to implement and pilot a variety of energy-saving measures.

To promote the network and the 2G system, IP-based 3G technology to enhance the capacity of existing network devices to protect enterprises to invest in the long-term sustainable development. In 2004, China Mobile in the aggregation network and local network level, the introduction of soft-switching technology (ie 3G of 2G systems), is conducive to low-cost and efficient network operations. After the IP-based, to the core network MSC, for example, soft-switching equipment in relation to TDM equipment, saving up to 50% ~ 80%, land 60% ~ 80%.

Tibet Mobile communication master device to actively promote energy conservation. In accordance with the wireless, switching, transmission, small computers and storage devices such as various types of master power consumption, the establishment of energy-efficient hierarchical system, in the purchase of equipment to give priority to low-power, high energy efficiency equipment. Central Purchasing in the device, the full attention to power, real estate and other equipment parameters, to give priority to the use of low-power, high integration devices. Intelligent power-saving wireless part of the trial phase, the new base stations and other new technology, new equipment, increase energy conservation efforts to promote the standardization of equipment configuration, using a flexible modular base station equipment to reduce the use of other ancillary equipment. Energy-saving measures, Dell inspiron 640m Battery it is estimated three-year energy-saving base stations from 16.4 to 1,940,000,000 degrees, the core network energy-saving 10663-112280000 degrees, transmission equipment, saving 11.11 million degrees.

To improve construction investment returns, reduce costs, Tibet Mobile communications room design, construction, and strive to improve area utilization; started the Tower standardized design work to optimize the original design, further reducing the amount of steel. Due to the increased efficiency can save floor space room number, the equivalent of a small three-room floor, built 25 Board.

Implementation of the new "green packaging"

China Mobile to implement a "green packaging" is China Mobile with partners to implement a reusable packaging materials, packaging methods, packaging methods aimed at reducing the traditional equipment of large-scale use of wooden boxes to ensure that packaging can be reused.

According to DONG Qing-hua, China Mobile launched a joint supplier of "green packaging" design revolution, using the standard uniform size, reusable revolving frame, save the traditional resources and establish a system of green packaging and transportation standards, promoting alternative and new packaging materials, reusable the use of wood packaging and to reduce excessive packaging. "Green packaging" as compared with the traditional wooden packaging, packaging, weight 22%, packing and unpacking an average reduction of 65% recycling of packaging materials can increase 5-7 times the number of times, comprehensive costs can be decreased by 8%, which may annual savings of 57,000 cubic meters wood, equivalent to a small cut 670 hectares of forest.

To ensure that the "Green Action Plan," the smooth progress of the Tibetan movement engaged in a variety of promotional activities, such as employee initiatives, "Golden Ideas" Proposal Call and other mass activities to promote energy-saving environmental protection concepts; promote office automation, mobile office, Integrated Information Network, video conferencing and other "green office" means; the preparation of the Dell Toshiba pa3534u-1brs Battery "employee handbook green behavior," and called on workers to do little things, to carry out energy-saving emission reduction programs will.

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