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Bring Some Romance Into Your Massage
August 4th, 2015 by

Bring Some Romance Into Your Massage

Tantric massage is a romantic, sensuous way to begin what will be a memorable night of passion. The first step is to set the scene. If you don't have an actual massage table to use, you can use a bed as a table. Place a sheet and a rolled towel or small pillow on the table. Gather any lotions and oils you want to use and set them nearby. Dim the lighting or replace the bulbs with a soft color like pink. Put on some mood music- what kind depends on your tastes but jazz and classical are good bets. Light candles around the room, ensuring that the flames are away from anything they may catch on fire. Nothing is less romantic than having to call the fire department when one of you is naked and covered in oil.

Oils used in tantric massage differ slightly than those used in a day spa for a regular session. Since the genital area is going to be worked on, a lubricant should be used. If the massage is being done on a man, a silicone, oil or water based lubricant can be used. But only water-based lubricants should be used on women as the others can cause infections. You can use this lubricant oil all over the body. The kinds that are self warming work especially well for this purpose. Or you can use "regular" massage oils on the rest of the body and switch over for the genitals, making sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you make the change. Before you use any lubricant or oil on your partner, let it warm up in your hands. Or you can place the bottles in a bowl of warm water to get them to a comfortable temperature.

A tantric massage is as much about intimacy as it is sexuality. Begin the massage by tenderly stroking your partner's face and hands. Synchronize your breathing and begin by giving them a gentle scalp massage, running your fingers through their hair and softly rubbing the scalp. When they are properly relaxed, have them lay down on their stomach on the sheet. Starting at the shoulders, work your way down, varying your method of touch. You can alternate between long strokes, quick taps and soft caresses. Rub their skin with a feather or silk scarf to add some texture into the mix. Pass lightly over the buttocks during the first pass by. When you've reached the feet, work your way back up to the buttocks. Reach between the legs and give the genital region a soft touch before moving on up the back.

The front region of the body is where the real action of a tantric massage happens. Have your partner roll over onto their back, placing the rolled up towel or small pillow under their neck to comfort. Again, start at the shoulders and work your way down. When you've reached the genital area, give it only the slightest of caresses. Focus more of your attention to the inner thigh nearby. Move on towards the feet. When you make your return back up the body, stop and focus on the genitals. Pay attention to how your partner is reacting to the touch and adjust accordingly. Make sure to be using the lube in this area rather than regular massage oil. When you feel that you've stimulated your partner enough, you can either wrap them in the sheet and allow them to relax or participate in a carnal finish.

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