Sanskrit, Tantric and Vedic Mantras Help You to Release the Energies
July 29th, 2014 by Aldouspi

Sanskrit, Tantric and Vedic Mantras Help You to Release the Energies

Sanskrit is primarily an energy based language, where each sound puts you in resonance with a specific vibration. Sanskrit mantras tune you into and open you up to specific energies like healing, prosperity, inner peace, love, protection, luck, illumination, happiness.

Sanskrit, Tantric and Vedic mantras help you to release the energies that are not beneficial for you and are preventing your enjoyment of life. Sanskrit mantras help you to draw into your life whatever you need to live a fulfilling life.

Everything in the universe is made out of energy and everything vibrates with its own specific frequency. Each one of us is made out of energy that vibrates at a particular frequency and everything that we desire to have in our lives also vibrates at a particular frequency. Mantras help us to alter our vibration, our frequency, so that it resonates with that which we desire to experience. If you understand and apply the principle of vibration in your life, you will never suffer any lack. With the help of Sanskrit mantras you can tune yourself into whatever vibration you would like to experience in your life.

The Kalachakra tantra is thought to be the most advanced form of Vajrayana Buddhism, and it is most prominent in the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The circles of time are associated with the rotations of the planets and moon cycles, breath cycles, and even the cycles of our bodies.

There are both inner and outer realms to the Kalachakra tantra. This idea of an inner realm and an outer realm is common in both Buddhism and Hinduism. The outer realm is also known as the gross realm. The inner realm is also known as the subtle realm. This consists of what is apparent on the surface. The inner realm consists of the interior workings of things, such as the relationship of internal energies and the chakras. The inner and outer realm of the Kalachakra tantra can be thought of like the relationship of body and mind and how these two correspond to one another.

There are five chapters in the Kalachakra tantra. The first two chapters deal with the outer realm and the last three deal with the inner realm. The first chapter is also known as the ground kalachakra, and it relates to the physical world. The second chapter refers to the inner world. The third chapter concerns the preparation for the meditation practices. The fourth chapter is about the meditation itself, and the fifth chapter describes the enlightenment available from the practices.

The Kalachakra tantra is most commonly taught to monks and other serious Buddhist practitioners after a period of initiation. This initiation period prepares the practitioner to practice the Kalachakra tantra is their quest for Buddhahood. The Dalai Lamas are particularly concerned with the Kalachakra practice, including the current Dalai Lama. The 14th Dalai Lama's kalachkra initiations are given to tens of thousands of people at a time.

Finally, as the meaning of Tantra goes - any service that is concerned with ritual acts of body, mind and speech is called as Tantra. That's why I say, When Security is Mantra then the Security consulting is Tantra!!!

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