Staying In A Big City And Want To Be Fit?
June 22nd, 2014 by Aldouspi

Staying In A Big City And Want To Be Fit?

Studies have shown that residents of big cities are usually the victims of higher BMI (Body Mass Index) and are also in poor health. Well, staying in big cities like New York or Chicago, one would image that average residents walk for at least 20 minutes a day ( home to workplace and back). In such a scenario, how come they are not healthier? Well, these are the people who stay in smaller apartments, have random sleeping and waking up patterns (because of social and work life), grabbing a pizza slice for lunch is a norm and drinking for dinner is a pattern! So, the 20 minute average walk does not really help much!

Does that mean city dwellers and the fast younger generation cannot be fit and healthy? Definitely not! Everyone and anyone who decides to start living a disciplined life can be healthy and fit.

•  The majority of city dwellers complain that due to space restrictions (in their apartments and condos), they cannot work out at home. Well, make it work for you somehow. Find a tiny spot in your room and do Pilates or Yoga!

•  The entire city is at your disposal early mornings! Go out for a nice run in the morning - clean air, no traffic and no people will work wonders for your health and mind

•  Many LA or NY residents stay on higher floors. How about taking the stairs twice a day? It is not sufficient exercise but at least it is a start

•  Invest in a nearby gym. Gym, coffee shops and dogs are more in a city than human beings themselves! It is observed that once you pay for the gym, you will end up going there to return on investment purposes

•  Use the plethora of restaurants to your advantage. There are many restaurants and eateries in the city that make organic and healthy food items. Try these restaurants instead of the steak houses!

•  Do not grab a pizza or a sandwich for lunch. Invest some time in the morning to make a healthy lunch and carry it with you. It will save you money and improve your health
It is not about drastic measures or being reluctant to change! Give it a shot - all you need to do is tweak and modify your lifestyle a little.


Chandresh is a young and contemporary inspirational teacher. He has spent a major part of his life in mastering Eastern sciences of healing and personal transformation . His extensive knowledge has brought out the writer in him as he has written on a diverse range of subjects such as meditation techniques , repressed emotions, the power of thoughts, tantra, and more.

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