Kerala Land Of Ayurveda
January 9th, 2013 by Aldouspi

Kerala Land Of Ayurveda
Ayurveda is the best way to rejuvenate the body and the soul. Kerala is the most preferred destination among tourists for this therapeutic experience.

Origin of Ayurveda: It originated as the ancient science of medicine for curing ailments around 600BC. It is believed that Lord Vishnu gave the knowledge of medicines to humans, which later originated as Ayurveda. It is also believed that Lord Brahma the creator of the world created this science and passed its knowledge to Vishnu. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word where Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. Thus it can also be referred as Knowledge of Life.

Science of Treatment: These days more and more tourists are visiting Kerala to cure their ailments with the science of nature. Ayurvedic treatments are becoming famous as a natural way for heeling. Besides medicines Ayurveda also emphasize on yoga and meditation giving a complete spiritual and mental experience. Ayurveda mainly deals with 8 branches named Kaya Chikitsa, Shalya Tantra, Visha Tantra, Vajikaranam, Shalaya Tantra, Kumar Bhratya Tantra, Graha Chikitsa and Rasayana.

Most famous Ayurvedic treatments are Abhayngam, DhanyamlaDhara, Nasyam and Kativasthi etc.

Ayurveda in Kerala: It is the best place to experience the science of Ayurveda. Its geographical position and climatic conditions makes it a hub for Ayurvedic therapy programmers. It is believed that Ayurvedic journey in India was started from this state. It can also be said that Ayurveda and Kerala go hand in hand.

There are many resorts in Kerala which provide tourists with excellent Ayurvedic therapy sessions. They are the best getaways to experience this science. Some famous resorts are Somatheeram, Manal Theeram Beach Resort, Keraleeyam Heritage Home and Ayurvedic Resort and Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort etc.

Kerala travel tours provide info on ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. Plan Kerala Tours to enjoy Ayurveda treatments in Kerala

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