Yoga for the Fairer Sex
June 22nd, 2012 by Aldouspi

Yoga for the Fairer Sex

Yoga, an eastern world science, is a combination of exercises and breathing techniques. Well, studies and research states that Yoga is very helpful to restore the balance of mind, body and soul which is especially required in woman of all ages and across all races! If a woman wants a healthy life devoid of stress, she should start her day with Yoga.

It is not strenuous but is definitely a terrific workout. Set aside few minutes every day to practice yoga and yogic poses. Benefits for women after doing yoga daily are numerous:

Strengthens body
Build strength
Increases flexibility
Increases blood flow
Increases supply of oxygen to all body party
Reduces anxiety and stress levels

Here are some poses and yogic exercises that will prove helpful to all women:

Child`s pose – stretches hips and back. Excellent for all women because it opens hips and relieves lower back tightness.
Downward facing dog – stretches hamstrings, calves and spine. Strengthens deltoids and triceps. It is a top notch upper body strengthener. Helps in increases blood circulation in women.
Warrior 2 – stretches inner thighs, hips and chest. Strengthens abdomen and shoulders. This pose will yield you long, lean and toned arms as well as a firmer core.
Plank pose – strengthens core, arms, back and shoulders. Excellent way to build upper body strength.
Garland pose – stretches groin, lower back, ankles and hips. Drop into this pose to relive tummy problems like cramps and constipation.
Bridge pose – stretches front body and strengthens glutens. This position will open your ribcage and chest allowing more oxygen in your body and blood stream.
Half lord of the fishes pose – stretches hips, shoulders, back and neck. Strengthens spine. This exercise improves digestion and increases blood flow in the lower belly.

These are some of the exercises and poses that can be incorporated in your daily work out sessions to lead a healthy, peaceful and anxiety free life. It is advisable to learn proper yoga from experts and certified instructors because wrong poses can cause much harm also!

Try doing yoga daily for about 30 minutes and see the difference in your emotional and physical well being. It is a well researched science and has proven beneficial to everyone. 

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