The Story Behind Spiritual Sex- Sex and Spirituality
May 30th, 2011 by Aldouspi

spiritual sex
by dbking

The Story Behind Spiritual Sex- Sex and Spirituality

This article is all about Sex, supreme attainment, spirituality? Whoa, I have a headache already. No, no, do not get all flustered just yet. It is not all as crazy as it might sound. It is just a simple story about how some people accomplished some very serious results regarding the combination of Sex and Spirituality.

We can all learn a thing or two and it can be relatively painless, I promise. You know how when you were little and maybe even nowadays, how your different food groups on your plate cannot touch? It can sometimes seem like that. Keeping certain subjects apart, for no good reason, other than they seem like they should be, can put unrealistic limitations and restrictions where they are not needed. This, is a most curious ordeal to confront. Spiritual sex, is very healthy and in my opinion, the very definition of healthy, satisfying sex. Or, maybe it just seems that way.

When I was fourteen years old I started to learn all about something called Enochian Sex Magick. Okay, my computer spell check is cussing at me again. But this is an actual thing and this is the correct spelling on both words. Magic with the 'K', is considered "The science and/or art of causing change to occur in conformity with 'will'". Enochian means literally, 'Angelic' or the nature of Angels.

Back in the late 1800s, there were two gentlemen who were deeply involved in this science and achieved some seriously terrific results. They ultimately made contact with actual intelligible spirits, or Angels, as they called them. Either way, these were intelligible beings independent of any known cerebral structure or skeletal form. These 'Angels' communicated special knowledge of an obscure nature, as well as hidden facts about oncoming future events that would occur in their lives.This went on for some time, between, them and their wives.There was no record of them ever having same sex relations.

The science of sex is ancient and can achieve all manner of phenomenon. Supreme attainment was bestowed upon them, in a formula of instruction that was given through these communications. This, was achieved through a series of ordeals where, while in orgasm, the person would go into a trance.

While in this trance, the wife would 'guide' them and write down everything, that the one 'in the vision' would say or express. During these processes, one would always be in control, (constant consciousness) generally keeping things in hand. The next night, they would switch and they would put their wives in the trance.

Still, to this day science knows very little about what is the true nature of orgasm and how it ties in with the brain as a function. No one knows exactly what is going on in the brain, while we are in orgasm.

Practitioners of sexual magick, know the most I imagine. There were a series of initiations, transformations or specifically intended conditions, required of their very being that this system provided. The Orgastic Circulation of Light, The Supreme Attainment, The Annihilation of the Ego in the Thunder Orgasm. It is said that it is, as though, there is a tunnel through orgasm to the other side or greater place of connection with the all.

It is also said, that in Sex Magick you can take your worst orgasm and compare it to your absolute best orgasm, from regular sex and it would only be like holding a candle to the sun. It is that different. All cultures in different forms have contributed in some way or another, to this very kind of activity. The Arabian Nights, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra are all more or less, touching on this as being the deeper meaning or true goal of those works.

These two gentlemen were very serious scientists. Well, at the very least one of them was. They were Sir Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee. Sir Kelly, came up with the idea that they should swap wives, for a time and this was communicated to him through an angel, at a time when Dr. John Dee was not present. The records indicate that this indeed happened and that they made some very lame attempts at erasing the data. Nothing good ever came of this.

This was a curious fact and the end result, was nothing short of the end of a great companionship in the history of serious mystical science and a good friendship as well. However, the groundwork remains and has been expanded upon to a great deal. You can achieve this solitary. The orgasm can be extended and acquire literal leaps and bounds in self learning, deeper understanding and foresight of your place in existence.

The great Persian Zoroaster once said, "To know thyself ", the goal of every mystic. This would require leaving no stone or method unturned. Sex is the act of love.

Sex is a spiritual act and is spiritual itself. Its also the only way to improve on your sexual ability.

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