How Tibetan Singing Bowls Heal the Body and Mind
December 27th, 2011 by Aldouspi

How Tibetan Singing Bowls Heal the Body and Mind

Article by Isis James

Tibetan singing bowls have been used traditionally for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. These bowls are in use now for stress-relief, meditation, yoga, and other applications. Many wonder exactly how tibetan singing bowls work in healing one's body and mind, but the secret is primarily in the way they sound and the vibrations they emit.VibrationsIt is believed that everything in existence today vibrates at a certain frequency, including our human bodies and its internal organs, as well as our inner energy systems, like the chakras and our auras. When everything is vibrating at its own optimal, unique frequency, we function in complete health. Disharmonious vibrations, often caused by stress or unhealthy environmental conditions, are said to cause illness and disease. Tibetan singing bowls, which produce pure vibrations, are capable of correcting these imbalances. The pure vibrations of the these bowls resonate with the optimal frequencies of the body and gently correct any blockages and imbalances. This is why it is particularly effective to place them directly on the body - so that the vibrations are in an optimal position to affect any internal imbalances.SoundAside from the vibrational qualities, the bowls also heal in a simpler way. As humans, we are exposed to many unnatural and discordant sounds - the rush of traffic, television chatter and other electronic noise pollution, and countless more random and unpleasant sounds of modern-day living. Tibetan bowls produce sounds that are calming and pleasing to the brain. These tones are pure and naturally harmonious and resonant with each other. The effect of listening to this type of music calms the mind, much like listening to nature sounds would. A calm mind naturally produces a healthier body, making it less susceptible to illness and disease.Healing with tibetan singing bowls is a unique, powerful, and natural technique, which is why the tradition has survived for centuries.

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