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How do I learn Reiki
December 9th, 2011 by Aldouspi

How do I learn Reiki

There are many courses and workshops available today where you can learn the basics through to the Master levels of Reiki. These are First Degree, Second Degree and Master/Teacher courses.

The First Degree is the initial course where you get to understand how Reiki works, learn a bit of the history of Reiki and the various systems of Reiki that are in existence. How to tune in to the energy, feel it and use it. You will get to experience, if you haven't done so already, Reiki first hand. You will receive your attunements and then you will learn how to give treatments to others and also how to give yourself a treatment. This course will give you the basis, tools and grounding from which you will be able to expand upon in order to practice Reiki.

The Second Degree is the next level up, where you grow upon your initial base knowledge, and expand it a bit further. This level covers intent and intuition, together with distance healing to enable you to heal someone or something, who could be in another country or town that may need assistance.

The Master/Teacher course moves you along this incredible journey. Here you will learn how to work with the symbols, learn sacred mantras and how to use them. Experience and understand the different energies at work. Reinforcement of the previous two Degrees relating to intuition and intent.

It is best to shop around as courses are all different, and are also priced quite differently too. A workshop setting is good, as there will be several people who you can work with, and draw from. Also you will have some new friends at the end of the course with whom you can exchange treatments with! If you do get stuck, search the Internet or check out you local alternative health store, you are sure to find a course suitable for you.

Your tutor should always be a Reiki Master themselves.

There are several home study courses out there also, which I'm sure are ok to understand the history, origins and how to carry out Reiki, but you would need to attend a class session in order to obtain your `attunements' together with experiencing Reiki for yourself, and being able to practice on others once you had been `attuned'.

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