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What is Reiki2
November 9th, 2011 by Aldouspi

What is Reiki?

Many people assume that reiki is an ancient healing art which was developed hundreds or even thousands of years ago. In fact it was developed only in the 1900's in Japan.
Reiki principles are based on the Universal life force energies and is a hands on healing art. There are many ways of using Reiki with the art being passed from a master to his pupil in stages and over a period of time.
The word reiki is copied from two Japanese words Rei and Ki. These are the words that denote the "Universal Life Force and energy.
Reiki uses a person's own aura to assist in their healing, This aura is known as Chi and when Reki is used, the practitioner helps to strengthen the aura of the person they are healing.
Chi is a mystical term which is used by many in both healing and the martial arts. There are many other mystical cultures which also use the universal life force for healing, however they are known under different names.
It is now a well known researched fact that the universe is made up of energy and it is this energy which is tapped into when practitioners use Reiki. They are able to adapt and use this positive force when healing a person.
Many critics of Reiki think of this type of healing as a scam; however practitioners claim that it is the energy surrounding every person which can be utilised by even our thoughts to ensure healing takes place.
They also claim that reiki can also be based on the "sciences" of both Quantum Physics and Metaphysics and may also be a deciding factor in why some people often make miraculous recoveries from often life threatening illnesses. Reiki practice is based on the actual universal forces present around a person
There are many anecdotal and recorded instances of unexplained healing for many people whether it is through prayer, the laying on of hands or any other form of healing. As it is thought the core principle of all these healing strategies is the utilisation of universal energy, it can be assumed that Reiki healing is actually based on principles as old as time itself.
It is assumed by many people that Reiki healing is a difficult art to master, when in fact it is one of the simplest. It is also very easy to use and practise.
When using Reiki for healing, the practitioner places their hands upon the person who wishes to be healed with the wish for the energies around that person to be used for healing. Many people swear by Reiki and feel it is a very useful form of alternative treatment.

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