Reiki Hand positions
October 18th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki Hand positions (front of body)

A Reiki treatment is made up of a series of hand positions covering charkas and major organs of the body.

The first position has the therapist place their hands over the eyes, with their thumbs centred over the receivers' forehead. This position helps rejuvenate tired eyes, which is particularly good if one sits in front of the computer a lot, or does a lot of driving. It also helps to quieten the mind and reduce anxiety.

In the next position, the therapist gently cups the recipients head allowing Reiki energy to flow to both sides of the brain. This helps still the mind, and help to re-balance the right and left sides. This is extremely useful in combating stress, anxiety and hyperactivity, as well as helping to improve memory and aid with learning difficulties.

The therapist then moves to the jaw line and sides of the face, gently cupping the jaw line. This will aid in releasing any pent-up anger which tends to gather in the jaw. People who find themselves tensing their jaw or grinding their teeth at night will find this very good. In this position, energy is transferred to gums and teeth. As face muscles also relax then lines and wrinkles will lessen with faces taking on a youthful glow.

Moving to the back of the head, with the therapist cupping the recipients' head, with their fingers resting in the ridge of the skull. This is a lovely position which helps release built-up tension in the back of the head and neck. It is especially good for those that get lots of headaches, migraines or eyestrain. It also helps to still the mind and helps promote a sense of peace.

The ears are cupped next. This position can aid with ear infections, which can be particularly good for children. After long-term treatment, some people have reported improved hearing. It is thought that when energy blocks are removed here you have a better understanding of the real meaning behind words.

The throat is covered next - with the therapist gently resting their hands upon the recipients chin, with their fingers fanned out so that the neck or throat isn't actually touched but the area is covered. This will help with colds, throat infections and thyroid conditions. This area also deals with the throat chakra that deals with communication - so it should bring an improvement to communication skills.

The therapist then moves down the body forming a `V' in the centre of the upper chest. This position addresses physical conditions such as heart and lung problems, breathing difficulties as well as emotional pain, such as loss, grief and loneliness.

The therapist then moves on to the top of the chest and armpits, drawing energy down to the lymphatic system. This position helps with tension in the shoulders and upper back.

Next the therapist, with their hands placed side by side, covers the lower left area of the lungs and organs in the upper abdomen, including the spleen. This position helps with breathing and also aids digestion and elimination by stimulating the stomach. This position is repeated on the right hand side, which covers the liver. This also helps release the chest muscles together with the diaphragm.

The therapist then places their hands across the recipients' waist. This helps calm all digestive and nervous disorders. It helps stimulate the bowels and aids elimination in cases of constipation, as well as reducing irritation and inflammation caused by loose bowels. This area covers emotions and the Reiki energy helps to find balance between holding on and letting go.

Next the lower abdomen is covered in a 'V' shape. This position again helps in balancing emotions. It also helps to regulate the sex drive and aids fertility. Regular treatments can also improve hormone imbalances.

The knees are then covered, a hand on each, which helps to bring energy down the legs. The Reiki energy helps with knee strain, frees joints enabling mobility and boosting circulation in the legs. The emotions of moving forward are carried here.

Finally, the therapist places a hand on each ankle, continuing to bring energy down through the legs, helping to relieve tiredness in this area and ankle strain. The ankles contain reflex points relating to the reproductive organs so re-asserts the treatments from the abdominal areas.

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