Hand Positions Used In Reiki
October 9th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Hand Positions Used In Reiki

In order to be able to do Reiki yourself, or if you are becoming a Reiki practitioner, there are several different hand positions that you will have to learn. These hand positions will help one with the healing process. It will allow the energies to be channelled from the universal energy source to the one that is being healed.

Once you place a hand on the body that is being healed, it is important to not remove it from the person. When you are moving hands, make sure that one hand is always in contact with the person while the other moves around. This will allow for the energy flow to be consistent.

The first set of hand positions that are used start with the torso area. There are six hand positions that are used in relation to this. The first position is on the left hand side of the body and is by the solar plexus. This will cover the stomach, spleen and pancreas. The hands will then move to the right hand side of the body. This covers the pancreas and the liver, both which are connected to the blood stream.

The hands are then placed parallel to each other; one on the right and one on the left. This will help to cover the stomach again, as well as the intestines. From here, the hands will move towards the hip bones and lower torso. You will then move your hands to the hip flexors below the last position.

At this point, the practitioner will move their hands upwards towards the heart and lungs. This begins the second pattern, where the hands will move towards the head. The hand movements will begin at the forehead area, which helps in clearing the emotions and sinuses. From here, the hands should move to the ears, being close to the ear lobes. This helps with hearing as well as stress. The next position will move slightly to the back and will require for the head to move back and forth for more flow of energy. The hands will then move to the throat and jaw. The hands should be resting on the collar bone or chin.

From here, there are eight positions that are used for the back. The hand positions will begin at the spine and by the shoulder blades. The hands will then move down to the lungs, heart and breast. From here, the hands will continue to move down, covering the lungs, heart and breast. The positioning of the hands will continue to move down the back, all helping to release nerves and allow for connections. The last hand position in this set of patterns will be at the feet.

By knowing these different hand positions, one will be able to understand how Reiki works on one's body. The purpose of having these hand positions and for going in this particular order is to move the flow of energy that is blocked from one. By the continuous touching from the hands, it will allow for universal energy to move into one's body.

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