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Different levels of Reiki
September 27th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Different levels of Reiki

There are three levels of Reiki - known as Degrees.

The First Degree, Second Degree and Third degree or Masters. There is, however, a fourth level which helps a Reiki Master to become a Master Teacher though this could be seen as a natural extension to the Third Degree.

The First Degree offers a good grounding in the art of Reiki, it's history and origins. It gives the student access to the energy allowing them to carry out direct hands on healing after they have been `attuned' by their Reiki Master. There are four attunements at this time. At this level all the hand positions are learnt in order to give a healing treatment to others as well as to themselves. The student will also get to experience a Reiki treatment for themselves if they have not already done so. Sometimes, a student may be lucky enough to get a group Reiki session whereby several people give them a Reiki at the same time.

The Second Degree gives further training whereby the student learns three of the four symbols which will then enable them to carry out distance healing. This will allow the student to carry out healing over distance to a specific person, or animal, or place, or even a situation or event. Mastery of the Reiki energy and intent is also much more focussed at this time. During this level a further two attunements are carried out by the Reiki Master. The power of the Reiki energy is much more powerful at this stage.

The Third Degree or Masters is moving things to a much higher level and giving the student access to the fourth symbol which is the Master symbol. There is again much higher focus on intent as the energies at this level are much stronger than before. This level requires a further four attunements.

Once completed - the student is then able to attune others to the power of Reiki, though some feel more confident by taking this level a step further and completing a Master Teacher element giving them the confidence and knowledge to conduct their own classes. This normally comes about by way of working with an existing Reiki Master in a kind of apprenticeship.

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