How Reiki heals the body
September 8th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki is based upon the premise that we all have a life force energy flowing through our bodies. This life force energy flows along pathways which are called the
meridians and chakras. And it also flows around our bodies (not just inside) creating an energy field which is otherwise known as the "aura". The only
reason we are alive is because this life energy is flowing through us.
The life force aids our bodies by nourishing and enriching the organs, cells and tissues which comprise the body - and in so doing it helps the body go about
its normal day to day tasks.
It is only when there is some sort of disruption to the normal flow of life energy in our bodies, that we then suffer some sort of illness or a negative effect on our
bodies, though this need not always be something major which causes us pain and can be something intangible such as feeling down or disheartened.
Our energy flow can be disrupted even if we think negative thoughts, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Incidentally, when a person dies, the life force energy ceases in their body.

So, how does Reiki heal the body?
It does so by flowing through the body and recharging the parts of the energy field that have been depleted. By raising the vibratory level of the life energy field,
particularly in those areas were negative thoughts and feelings are causing a disruptive effect, it causes the negative energy to break away. When this happens,
energy pathways are cleared and healed and the life force energy is able to flow through the body naturally without any obstacles or negative energy having
any bad effects.

There are many types of healers especially in the world of alternative medicine but not all of them use Reiki.
Reiki can only be put to use by those who have become "attuned" to it. And usually this comes about when people wishing to be able to use it have received Reiki
attunement from a Reiki Master.

Reiki can never be overdone or given in too high (or low) a dose to anyone. The way that Reiki works is that when a practitioner is giving a Reiki treatment, only the "right"
amount of Reiki energy is passed along from practitioner to patient and is passed along to the areas that need it. Also, any amount of Reiki given is fine.
Another important point to bear in mind is that once a Reiki treatment is complete, the Reiki practititioner is never left feeling drained and with their own energy depleted.
In fact quite the opposite occurs when a practitioner is giving Reiki healing, both are left energised and with feelings of well-being. This is because the understanding
in Reiki is that both practitioner and patient are in need of the healing energy, and therefore by virtue of this fact - they both receive it.

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