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Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice the uses `Universal Life Energy' or `God Directed Energy.'
Dr Mikao Usui discovered a way of channelling energy and created the Usue Natural Healing system, also known as Reiki during the 19th century.
It is claimed that Reiki is guided by a Higher Intelligence that sustains and balances all that lives on this planet. It consists of an intelligent energy of love and wholeness and understands the cause of problems and what healing will be necessary. This `energy' has a wisdom of its own and heals and balances all aspects of a person's body, emotions, mind and spirit.
Reiki involves a non-invasive method of the hands that is gentle and provides a balance to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues in our life. One can develop personal and spiritual growth by practicing the art of Reiki.
Reiki is very easy to learn, is simple to practice and can benefit everyone. Reiki does not involve Religion, therefore it can be practiced by all cultures. It can be used on family, friends and even the pets. You don't need to be ill to practice Reiki.
It is claimed that if one uses Reiki everyday, it can reduce the risk of illness and help the body's natural ability to heal and stay healthy.
It is said to be a way of promoting growth of one's spiritual path as it is thought that each one of us walks our own path, although certain spiritual practices increase deeper levels of our being.
The benefits of Reiki include:
* the increase of inner peace, mental clarity. Emotional stability and personal growth
* Promotes inner calmness, state of deep relaxation and loosens blocked energy.
* Relaxing the body and significantly reduces stress, anxiety, tension, depression
* Provides relief of chronic pain
* Complements medical treatments
* Promotes creativity
* Boosts and strengthens the immune system
* Makes one's transition at the end of life more comfortable and less anxious.
Reiki is simple to perform. The Reiki practitioner is taught various hand positions where they place their hands over the patient's energy centres with intent on healing. The energy then begins to flow and accelerates the body's natural healing abilities. This energy has its own intelligence and knows exactly where the energy has to go and what energy is requires. It has never been found to do a person any harm. The Reiki practitioner is the channel which the healing energy passes.
All Reiki haeling treatments are healing and relaxing. They each provide a different experience during the treatment. Many patients feel heat or a tingling although the energy is still working if nothing at all is felt.
Reiki promotes a deep relaxation and releases any blockages within the mental, emotional and physical bodies. This release of tension then allows the natural flow of energy though the body and releases toxins and waste products as the blockages exit. Once these blockages are removed, the patient can then receive, hold and store more energy.
Advanced Reiki practitioners are even able to provide treatments without the patient being in the same place physically by sending the treatments at a distance. This is known as distant or remote Reiki treatment.

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