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Hand positions in Reiki
August 19th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki treatments are carried out on a one to one basis, in a quiet, tranquil environment. The treatment is passed from a Reiki Master to the recipient. The Reiki practitioner works by placing his/her hands on the recipient and willing for healing to be passed on to the recipient by means of the Reiki energy flowing from the Reiki practitioner to the recipient.

There are no complicated or elaborate rituals to carry out or follow through. The Reiki practitioner has one goal only and that is for the desire to ease the pains and burdens of the recipient through the exchange of energy between the two of them.

Reiki energy is also such that you can never give too much or too little of it. The amount of Reiki energy that gets transferred from the Reiki practitioner to the recipient during a treatment is always the "right" amount - or the amount that is needed by the recipient in order to ease his pain. No more no less. The Reiki practitioner has no control over the energy, no control over the amount that gets transferred - he is there simply to allow the energy to do its work and he serves only as a channel for that energy.

Reiki practitioners are taught a series of hand positions to guide them through their treatment process. These are a good starting point for any newly trained Reiki practitioner and enable him or her to gain more experience over time, and through trial and error, once they start to treat people. They will start to get a "gut" feel for the problem areas and how best to "lay" their hands.

A good number of Reiki practitioners tend to use their gut feelings, or intuition in order to gauge which areas need more healing. They may use a method known as "the sweep" in which the Reiki practitioner will sweep his hands over the recipient's body, looking for hot spots. Hot spots are those areas which require healing energy and by placing his hands through a recipient's energy field, a Reiki practitioner is able to find these hot spots quite easily.

When a Reiki treatment is being carried out, there needs to be a feeling of trust between the Reiki practitioner and the recipient - this is because the treatments are often carried out in a quiet room and with just the two of them. Reiki treatment requires close body contact and the recipient's personal space will be invaded as the Reiki practitioner works in quite close contact when carrying out healing. Sometimes, the situation will occur when the need arises for the practitioner to place his/her hands on, or in very close proximity to, the genitals.
There are many ways of handling this, one might be for the Reiki practitioner to gain permission prior to carrying out any Reiki healing on these areas. Also, another way around this would be for the recipient to place his hands on top of his own private parts and the Reiki practitioner would then place his hands on top of the recipients hands so that in effect the energy is being passed from the Reiki practitioner's hands, through the recipient's hands and then on to the private body parts.

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