Reiki Therapy
August 17th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of natural healing that dates back approximately 50000 years and has origins in ancient Egypt, Tibet, India and China. What is now known as Reiki was re-discovered by a Buddhist monk in the 18970's and has since grown in popularity as complementary treatment to all conventional and alternative therapies. Reiki, pronounced `Ray-Key', basically translated means "free flowing universal energy".

How does it work?
Reiki is not dependent upon your beliefs system, as it is not a belief system or ph8ilosophy. It is not based upon any religious creed or dogma. Nothing special is asked of the client, except perhaps, openness to anything that may happen and awareness of the need for improvement. Reiki treatment hels to release blocked energy centres, these can manifest themselves in physical, emotional, or mental conditions. When these centres are allowed to open, natural energies will flow through the client's body, re-energising and relaxing, thus enabling the recipients' own natural healing resources to deal with their condition in the best possible way. The energy is multi-dimensional and heals at all levels, mentally, physically and emotionally.

What happens during a treatment
The treatment is usually administered on a massage couch, or a comfortable chair. The client remains fully clothed. No massage or oils are used. All treatments are gentle with no manipulation of the body or discomfort to the client whatsoever. The practitioner administers the treatment by placing their hands on the client over various energy centres around the body.

Clients, when receiving Reiki, can experience sensations of being re-energised, or feeling deeply relaxed, tingly sensation, heat or coolness and for some patients perhaps nothing noticeable whatsoever. Whichever though, all are quite normal.

Will it work for me?
It is unusual for Reiki not to be able to help in some way. For some, a successful outcome from Reiki can be quite obvious. For other though, things can take place on a far more subtle level, and progress could be more gradual over a period of time. Reiki often helps to speed recovery from many illnesses and has helped eradicate acute and chronic long-term conditions.

Can it do any harm?
No. There are occasions when the recipient may undergo a cleansing, or healing crisis, which indicated a release of energies, which is effectively clearing any energy blocks in order for the `healing' work can begin.

Reiki has helped many people over time and has given a great deal of benefits to its recipients, all in very different ways, as every condition and patient is as individual as the next.

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