Finding the Right Variation of Reiki to Use
August 15th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Finding the Right Variation of Reiki to Use

It is said that there are over forty-five variations of Reiki that you can participate in. Each of these Reiki training sessions will incorporate different methods for you to be able to learn about healing energies and universal energies. Your interests and needs will help you to determine which type of Reiki session to participate in.

One thing that you should consider when deciding on a Reiki class is whether you will want to get basic Reiki training or not. While there are several variations, several will require traditional Reiki training, while others will focus on their own interpreted method. Depending on what you are interested in learning with traditional Reiki in mind will help you in deciding which Reiki class to take. After you take traditional Reiki, you can always go and take other variations if your interests change.

The next thing to keep in mind is what you will need for your own healing and conscious level training. Most of the Reiki variations are calling onto different types of energies in order to help with healing. If you feel that these energies or methods will help you more in one area or another, then it is the type of Reiki that you should look into.

Before deciding on any type of Reiki class, you should first investigate. Looking into websites and reviews from others who have gone through the methods will help give you an idea of what works and what doesn't. By doing this, you can determine what your personal needs and focuses are in relation to finding the right type of Reiki class.

Much of what you may decide will depend on what is available to you. There are distance classes and home courses that are available in certain areas. However, if you would like hands on experience, it may be better to find a well known Reiki practitioner that is around your area. Make sure that they are certified as master Reiki practitioners before signing up for their class or session.

For those that are looking for a practitioner or healer for smaller sessions, there are several things to look into. It is best to call the practitioner and speak with them about what methods they use. If you feel that one of these methods will make you uncomfortable, then it is best to keep looking. For example, some choose to use secondary holistic methods, such as gemstones and aromas. For some, this may not be a preferred method of healing.

Depending on your goals, what type of healing you need and what is available to you will determine what type of Reiki healing you will become involved in. Determining which type of healing is best for you will be based on what you feel your personal needs and individual desires are for learning Reiki. No matter what method you choose, you can always be ensure that the idea of universal energies for your healing will remain as the basis for the method being employed.

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