Ra Sheeba Reiki
July 25th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Ra Sheeba Reiki

Ra Sheeba Reiki is an ancient practice that is now used in relation to Reiki. Ra Sheeba relates to Reiki in that it uses the same Universal energies in its practice to help those to heal and recognize different levels of consciousness. However, Ra Sheeba Reiki has several unique aspects in its practice in order for one to recognize different energy levels.

Ra Sheeba takes the idea of universal energy from Reiki, but holds a different meaning through the Ra Sheeba. Ra is known to mean the source. This source is the great central source in which all energy comes from. In Reiki, this is sometimes referred to as the Great White Light. The Sheeba is an expression of love. This expression is available on all levels, from the sexual to the more creative meanings of love. It is also known to be the feminine part of the universal healing energy, while the Ra is the masculine aspect of the practice.

Ra Sheeba believes that the roots of this universal energy were first seen in Egypt. This energy could be accessed by the Egyptian watchers. The watchers were supposed to be used in order to pass this energy to the Pharaoh. When he received these energies, he would have then had the power to pass the energies to others. However, the Pharaoh died and the Watchers left the Egyptian culture, loosing the access to the universal energies.

Ra Sheeba energy is now said to be brought back to the earth for this age. Through using this energy, it is said that many will be able to ascend and evolve very quickly on a spiritual level. After the energy is to be held by several on the earth, then the Watchers and Ra Sheeba energy will be able to reappear and change the earth's energy.

It is said that the Sheeba energy is the way for one to move to the Ra universal energy. It does this by teaching us the different levels of love and how they work. In this practice, attunements are used as the main way to change the energy flow in our body and be led back to this love and light.

Usually, Ra Sheeba is practiced with the use of a Ra Sheeba master. They will use symbols and healing through chakras. The healing methods that are used are supposed to unblock energies that move into the psyche.

In relation to Reiki, Ra Sheeba is said to best be used after one has gone through Level II training of a Reiki session. After you have gone through this, you can go through a Ra Sheeba master training, which will allow for you to be able to use this method on others.

The Ra Sheeba method of Reiki is now considered to be a way in order to become more enlightened through following the Reiki methods of universal energy. Through Ra Sheeba, one is able to find connections with love and the universal energy that is in both practices. This is said to raise one's consciousness and spiritual evolution levels.

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