Reiki practitioner recipient
June 25th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki - Recipient and Practitioner


You would like to receive Reiki, but still feel concerned.

How do I find a reputable practitioner? Do I need to do anything before I have a session? What clothes do I wear? Will I be too relaxed to drive afterwards?

If you have access to a computer and the internet you can search for local practitioners in your area or contact either the Reiki Federation or the Reiki Association for a list.

Please check how long someone has been practising and for their code of ethics. Also, ask if a practitioner is insured. Insurance is required for any small business.

Ask around your friends and family for any recommendations.

There are no requirements before attending a session - except perhaps an open mind if it is your first time.

A good practitioner will spend a few minutes explaining about Reiki and inform you of any sensations you may feel. They should also ask for some medical background information. All information will be kept confidential.

Most sessions last about 1 hour. You will be required to lie down on a therapist/beauty type couch or on a mat on the floor and to be fully clothed (casual comfortable clothing) removing only your shoes. Perhaps the practitioner will be playing soothing music with some candle light to help you relax.

A series of hand placements by the practitioner will take place on your body starting from the head and working down towards the feet. These placements are completely non-intrusive. Each set of placements last a few minutes before the practitioner moves their hands again. You may feel heat or tingling as the hands are moved over the body. Reiki is not a form of massage. Also, some recipients experience such a deep sense of relaxation they almost go into a meditative state and have reported visualising vibrant colours in their mind. These are almost certainly their chakra energy wheels unblocking.

It can take some moments to fully wake after 1 hour of Reiki and some people report to feel quite light-headed so it is advisable to drink water and wait for a few minutes before driving.

Reiki can also cleanse the body of toxins. Very useful if you are on a de-taxing programme. Drink water only before and after a Reiki session (within 1hr).

Prices vary depending on the region and personal choice. On average

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