Some points to remember about Reiki treatments
June 19th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Some points to remember about Reiki treatments.

If someone has not received a Reiki treatment before, they will probably feel nervous and apprehensive. The Practitioner should be able to explain how Reiki works and what they should be able to expect during and after the treatment, and perhaps at this time, how many follow up treatments they may require.

Some background medical history will always be taken as a matter of course. This will help identify any problems and when they may have started. During this course of conversation it's a good time where practitioner and recipient get to know each other a little better and feel a little more relaxed.

Most treatments are given with the recipient laying down on a massage couch. This enables the recipient to be comfortable which is of paramount importance, as it will aid in relaxation and enable the treatment to be received to it's fullest capacity.

It is best to remove any jewellery before having a treatment, particularly ones which may get in the way of the practitioner from accessing the healing points. Predominantly necklaces could be a problem.

The room should be warm, as recipients are liable to get a bit cold when receiving a treatment. So, a light weight blanket should be available just in case it's needed. If the recipient is at all feeling uncomfortable, for whatever reason, they should mention it to the practitioner. They won't be offended!

The lighting should also be slightly dimmed to aid relaxation, but not so dark you can't see anything.

Nothing is required of the recipient during a session of Reiki, only that they are comfortable, and that they relax. It is quite possible that they become so totally relaxed that they fall asleep. This is perfectly acceptable and don't have to try to stay awake during the treatment.

The practitioner will wash their hands before giving a treatment.

When the practitioner starts the treatment their hands will move very slowly and gently so that the recipient feels comfortable with their presence. It is possible that the recipient may feel uncomfortable with someone so close to them and it may take a few moments to adjust or perhaps the practitioner will step back for a moment and start the treatment again, but at a slight distance away. This recipients' comfort is of paramount importance.

The practitioner will work over various points of the body, resting for anything from two to five minutes in each area. During that time the recipient may feel coolness, warmth or tingling sensation. Perhaps nothing. All is perfectly normal. In some instances, emotional responses may be brought to the forefront with the recipient needing to perhaps to cry, All is perfectly normal and the recipient will be allowed to go with the flow until they are ready to continue with their treatment.

At the end of the treatment the practitioner will ground the recipient, slowly bringing them back to earth so to speak, by gently stroking them, down their back all the way down to their feet. Some practitioners use a slightly different technique by working on rotating the feet, massaging the legs, and then similarly the arms.

A glass of water should be offer, as toxins will have been dislodged into the bloodstream, and this will help flush them out. This should be continued for the next 24 hours, as the Reiki energy continues working for at least this long after treatment.

If the recipient is having a Reiki treatment in order to cope with a long term illness or condition, then they will, initially, need to be treated more frequently. If the condition is chronic, then perhaps daily treatments will be required until an improvement can be seen / felt.

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