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Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing process which hails from Japan.

The word REIKI consists of two words: Rei meaning the higher intelligence, or god or whatever other name you chose to know the higher purpose by. And Ki is the "life force energy" that flows through each living thing and is what gives it "aliveness". It is often believed that a person whose Ki is low will be in poor health and feeling tired and weak. On the other hand, someone with a lot of Ki will be feeling very energetic and in good health and vitality.
A person who has dies will not have any Ki.

It is believed that the source of our health comes from the ki energy that is flowing around our bodies. If this ki energy is then disrupted in any way, this breaks up the flow of the energy and will then result in illness.

The Japanese also believe that Ki is affected by thoughts and feelings and that the more positive and optimistic our outlook on life is, the more our ki will benefit from this way of thinking. In the same way therefore, any negative thoughts we may think would disrupt the flow of ki in our bodies thus setting us up for some sort of ill health. In fact, this type of thinking is also loosely echoed in the Western world as well. That is, constant negative thinking will drag us down and make us feel depressed and if we do not eliminate these bad thoughts from our system quickly, we are inviting illness to our doorstep.

Where does Ki come from?
As living beings, we receive Ki from all around us: it comes from the food we eat, the sunshine we absorb, from the air be breathe in and from our sleep.
The Japanese also fervently believe that Ki can be increased by implementing meditation and breathing exercises into our lifestyle routine.
In fact, in meditation, ki is also known as "prana".

If you have a Reiki treatment, you will discover that it is non-invasive and totally in keeping with a relaxing, soothing treatment. Practitioners of Reiki work under the assumption that when they are giving Reiki, there is never a danger of them giving too much or too little. This concept stems from the belief, in Reiki, that only the right amount of Reiki is ever passed on and that is is impossible to "over-Reiki" or "under-Reiki" someone.

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular through the Western world. The public, in their masses, are turning to complementary or alternative medicine in droves. Whether this is down to dissatisfaction with what the current healthcare system can offer them, or whether it is simply because the public are becoming more consciously aware and seeking natural ways of treating their bodies, it not fully known.

However, it is reassuring to know that Reiki is starting to attract interest in some of the hospitals and medical clinics as well throughout America. Primarily, it is being realise that Reiki does work and that it also seems to heal faster and inflict a lot less pain in the process.

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