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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art and the word "reiki" means "universal life energy" in Japanese.

This form of alternative medicine works on the basis that we all have Reiki energy or are composed of Reiki - which is some sort of life force energy.

The person or Reiki practitioner who uses this form of natural healing is more susceptible to the energy through the laying on of his hands.

Students practicing Reiki believe that the Reiki energy opens a channel for cosmic and universal energy which it flows down which is usually through the top of the head, through the body and out through the hands. This amplifies the body's vibratory frequency rate and sets off a 21 day cleansing process.

The word Reiki can be split into two. "Rei" means spiritually guided and "ki" means life-force which is similar to the chinese word chi.

It is said of Reiki that it helps us avoid harmful behaviour patterns - such as smoking, drinking too
much and overeating. In doing so, we then no longer make illnesses happen to us or attract weird
accidents. Over time then Reiki helps us move towards the path of spiritual maturity.

Also tests in the United States involving Reiki on people suffering from terminal cancer showed that over half the group were still alive after two and a half years later.

Healers say they don't "do" the healing but that the individual being treated is the one who decides, on a subconscious level, how much healing energy he or she wishes to take and use. Tests carried out on injured rats showed that rats treated with Reiki energy recovered much sooner that rats that were not treated at all.

So, as far as "reiki" goes - there is no "doing". Instead, reiki is always drawn through a channel.
Further, it is not possible to give too much "Reiki" as the channel will simply take what is needed and that is all.
It is not possible to "give too much reiki".

In fact research studies carried out in Stanford, show that the energy appears to enter the body from the top of the head (which is the crown chakra). It then passes down through the body, through the heart muscle, to the Reiki practitioner's hands and from his/her hands is then passes over to the patient being treated. Some of the energy passing through the Reiki practitioner's body is actually absorbed by him and because of this, Reiki practitioners are never left drained after giving a treatment as they too are treated whilst they give a treatment.

That said, self treatment is one of the greatest benefits of Reiki. It provides tremendous benefits in that it aids stress release and helps one to relax.

People who opt for Reiki treatment need not necessarily believe in the treatment. All that is required is a sincere wish to try it and to be open to what it may bring.

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