capabilities of Reiki
May 5th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki's Capabilities

Reiki is capable of curing everything because it works at the elementary levels of reality. However it must be remembered that even though the capability is there, that is not always what happens.
The limits of Reiki appear to be the recipient's readiness to accept the change offered and to also accept the healing. Reiki's level of reality operates in the underlying force structure of matter surrounding us.
According to Reiki practitioners it functions at a level where anything can be changed because everything is fluid-like and malleable. Emotional troubles are thought to be just as healable as the physical ones due to emotional issues being directly present in the structures of energy. Therefore Reiki can also be used in the emotional sense as well as the physical.
The word `healing' in the Reiki context has different meanings from the widely accepted meaning which seems to be a medical doctor curing one's symptoms. The meaning for healing in the art of Reiki as well as other related areas is the return of the greater wholeness.
There is an ideal form we all have and aspire to, and this is the clearest and highest expression of who we are. Pain and disease derives from any deviation between a person current (ideal) form in the 3D physical world. Healing is by bringing this physical form into a closer alignment with this ideal form.
We acquire deviations from the ideal form by accepting limitations into our life. This mostly comes from our early childhood because it is the phase in our lives where we are most open and inquisitive about life. An example of a limitation of this is our parents telling us to ``Be quiet!'' so many times that we learn not to speak. Another good example is a phantom pain, when a person continues to limp after the physical injury has healed.
Limitations such as these are behaviour patterns, eating patterns imagines physical and imagined limitations, psychological, mental or emotional ways of living, being, loving, expressing that is not in an alignment with our personal highest expression.
The goal in any healing is to find the limitation whilst recognizing the pattern and where is came from before letting it go. Reiki accomplishes this by providing the recipient with enough energy to metaphorically step above to see all that whilst having the courage to let go. This doesn't usually happen consciously as a result of Reiki although Reiki does sometimes give the recipient the conscious awareness of the pattern along with recognising where it came from.

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