Violet Flame Reiki
April 29th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Violet Flame Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki is a specified practice in order to enable students to call on certain universal energies for their healing. It not only includes different types of attunements and symbols, but also moves off of a certain philosophy in order to practice Reiki and healing through universal energies.

Violet Flame Reiki was established in 2002 as a branch from the traditional Reiki practice. A practiced person of Reiki, known as Quan Yin established this as a branch for a different way of opening chakras and helping with healing. With the establishment of this Reiki were focuses on different concepts and methods. When one is practicing this type of Reiki, they will often attribute it to Lady Quan Yin and Saint Germain. Both of these are members of the Violet Flame.

Violet Flame Reiki focuses on healing with a pure heart. Because of this main concept, Violet Flame Reiki uses different concentration methods in order to help one heal. The pure heart concept then goes on to allow those involved to also practice taking away ego. By doing this, one will be able to have a pure heart, which will then help them to move into parts of universal energy.

When practicing Violet Flame Reiki, you will go through four different levels, each adding on to the practice. In relation to this, you will be given ten unique atonements and symbols in relation to the practice. These will help not only in one's own person healing, but also serve as reminders when one is practicing Violet Flame Reiki for another's healing.

Violet Flame Reiki's atonements include: the Peace of God being upon a household, having the light of God in your soul, the wisdom of God in your minds, virtue and purity of God in your feelings, strength and vitality of God among members of your household, health and well-being of God through your bodies, grace of God in worship, talent and genius of God through your senses, victory of God in this earth life. These are all used to focus and help those in Violet Flame Reiki to create a pure heart.

Often times, Violet Flame Reiki will be used in conjunction with other Reiki forms, but it is not necessary. The same types of learning methods will be used, only with different atonements and focus. From here, one will be able to move through a master level and become a practitioner in order to help others to have a pure heart and be able to heal from it.

The idea of Violet Flame Reiki, while young, can help one focus on specific attributes and healing energies. This includes different attunements and symbols in relation to universal energies. By doing this, one will be able to use this form of Reiki in order to use the correct universal energies in their practice. This vibration healing method can be practiced in several different forms with the use of the tools in which will be presented at each Violet Flame Reiki level.

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