Reiki self treatment
April 21st, 2011 by Aldouspi

Reiki Self Treatments

The wonder of Reiki, or rather, one of the wonders of Reiki, is that once you become a practitioner, you have the ability to treat yourself in the same way that you can treat others.

It can be easily done, either by lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair. A similar pattern is carried out as if you were to treat another person only slightly modified.

It is suggested that you give yourself a treatment daily, starting off by focussing on your breathing, and then holding the positions for about two minutes each. The self-treatment can last around 15 to twenty minutes, so it doesn't take up much time to give yourself a bit of a recharge.

Basically, healing starts from the head, working down to the feet.

There is no incorrect way of carrying out Reiki on yourself. If you find yourself unable to do a position, or it is uncomfortable to reach one or more, go on to the next. If you get the urge to place hands in another place outside of the normal routine, then do it.

The basic format for a self treatment goes as follows:

Starting at the head covering the eyes. By holding your mind still in this position, you begin to feel still and turn your sense of sight inward. Focus on the quietness. Hold the position until the energy sensations that develop stop. This position balances the left and right sides of the brain and deals with eye strain and headaches.

The second position is at the top of the head, with hands either side. This position balances the brain and quiets mental chatter and agitation.

The next position is to place your hands on either side of your face, with your palms covering your cheeks. This is a very comforting position.

Then, moving hands to the back of your head cup the occipital ridge. If you suffer regularly from headaches - vary this position slightly by holding one hand at the back of your head and one on your forehead.

The next position is to cover the ears. Be still and appreciate the silence - focus on your heartbeat. You will feel your balance returning.

Moving your hands to over your throat chakra, place them gently to energise the glands in this area. This is the first line of defence for fighting off infection.

Next is the heart and solar plexus. Breathe gently but deeply, releasing all hurt and tension.

Following on next is the lower abdomen. Gently rest your hands in a `V' shape just above the pubic bone. This area is the Root charka. This will bring comfort and aid digestion and elimination. It also balances the muscles of the intestinal wall and energizes the reproductive organs which in turn, balance the hormones. It also helps to calm emotional upsets.

Moving down to the knees now, placing your hands first on your left knee and then on your right knee, with one hand on top and the other underneath.

Next is the ankles and feet - placing your right hand on top of your left ankle and wrapping your left hand around the sole of your left foot, repeating the other way round with your right foot. Keep your hands in place until any energy sensations have subsided.

Finish off by putting your crossing your hands across your chest and give gratitude for this healing. Sit still for a couple of minutes and notice how calm and relaxed you feel.

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