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Sekhem - Seichem Reiki

Sekhem - Seichem Reiki is often times referred to as SSR. Through this variation of Reiki, one is able to gain new energies and insights which will help with their healing and growth. SSR is known to move past traditional Reiki and incorporate different levels of conscious thought. While this form of Reiki focuses on healing, it also adds several different concepts and energies that can be used in relation to this.

Sekhem - Seichem is an old Egyptian word that stands for power and might. At the same time, it is said to be the same as the Indian term of prana and the Eastern words of chi and ki, all which stand for forms of energy. Seichem is the universal energy, or light energy, that is well known in Egyptian healing wisdom. By combining these energies, this form of Reiki is able to enable more types of energy to add onto healing.

There are several different focuses which SSR has in order to help one with their healing. SSR is said to incorporate all types of healing. This includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional types of healing. By enabling different universal energies with this, it allows for SSR to be able to heal those in need on several different levels.

In relation to this, SSR uses the healing method on two different levels. Often times, it will begin with traditional Reiki methods in order to open up the different chakras and energies to the universe. This allows one to begin to explore the different universal energies as well as unblock their energies.

From here, SSR moves to another level of exploring universal energies. It is said to do this through finding multi-dimensional healing aids. This is also known as Seichem. Angelic guides, higher self consciousness, and the I Am presence that is often referred to can be opened easier through the use of the Seichem energies being present. The idea of love is also important when practicing this method of Reiki. In other words, the Seichem will open up different levels of conscious thought and feeling that come from universal energies.

By combining Reiki with the Sekhem - Seichem concept of universal energies, one is able to use different universal energy levels for healing and reaching different states of mind. There are also chances for one to become a SSR practitioner with the right amount of training and practice by an experienced trainer. Because of the newness of this type of Reiki, new attunements and practice methods are made available with one who has been trained.

The idea behind SSR, or Sekhem - Seichem Reiki is to allow different types of universal energies to be present while someone is going through healing methods. By doing this, it will allow one to not only heal, but also to combine higher consciousness levels, multi-dimensional thought and other types of universal energies into one's life. By participating in SSR, one will learn how to tap into different universal energies that are said to have been present since ancient Egyptian thought.

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