Yoga and Your Health Seizure Control
September 6th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Yoga and Your Health-Seizure Control

Yoga is an ancient practice that has produced amazing results in modern medicine. This practice and philosophy of Yoga is gaining worldwide attention as the focal point in treating seizures. The World Health Organization gives an estimate that about 50 million people in the world have epilepsy, 75 percent with seizure disorders and many of them do not receive any medical treatment.

Ancient Indian writings have described four types of epilepsy and nine other disorders that cause seizures in children. They believed the discipline of Yoga reestablishes the balance that can help prevent or even stop seizures. Epilepsy is a basic term used to describe different illnesses that has one common symptom and that is seizures. Seizures disrupt the normal activity of the central nervous system. Yoga is one of the oldest practices known for its usefulness in balancing the different aspects of your mind and body.

So, what can Yoga do to help prevent or stop seizures? If you practice Yoga, you are keeping the balance between mind and body normal. This imbalance can cause seizures. Therefore, practicing poses, doing breathing exercises and clearing your mind with meditation can go a long way toward preventing seizures. Tension is a well-known trigger for seizures as well and practicing Yoga is a great stress reliever.

Here is something you can do to stop a seizure. If you feel yourself slipping into a seizure, catch a sharp breath, just as if you are frightened and hold it. This will cause a change in your blood pressure, metabolism, and altars the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. Then go into deep breathing to help restore normal respiration. If this practice can be learned, it may help to control seizures or even stop one before it starts.

The physical practice of Yoga helps restore the metabolic balance of your body. It also increases stamina, improves circulation, concentration and respiration. It also helps calm the central nervous system that will decrease your chances of having a seizure.

Meditation is also an important part of the Yoga practice to help prevent seizures. Stress can be a major trigger to seizures. Meditation can improve blood flow to the brain, slows stress hormones, and helps to increase the serotonin which helps keep the nervous system calm.

Ten years ago, the results of a study was published in The Indian Journal of Medical Research on Yoga practice for seizure control. Researchers in Europe and United States did their own study with astounding results. Those in the study that practiced the style of Sahaja Yoga for six months experience a decrease in their seizure activity by 86 percent.

This is a large enough percentage to warrant using Yoga techniques to help control seizures. It's easy to do, free of medication and can help your body with its overall health. If you are already taking medication for control of seizures, consult with your Doctor. Don't just stop taking your medication without his approval. Why not try it if you suffer from occasional seizures.

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