Prevention and Relief of Repetitive Stress Injuries with Yoga
June 29th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Prevention and Relief of Repetitive Stress Injuries with Yoga

Repetitive Stress Injuries are the most common form of work place injuries in today's world. Our bodies were not meant to sit at a desk, or stand on an assembly line for long periods. We weren't designed to be draped over a keyboard and typing all day with our fingers and wrists in unnatural positions. Our bodies were designed to move fluidly and we have a huge range of motion. We weren't meant to sit in small confined cubicles and forced to stand on our feet all day, these are very unnatural for our bodies. Our bodies were not meant to do the same motions repeatedly. That is abusing our body and when we do that our body starts sending out warning signals.

The first warning our body gives us is stiffness in the stressed joints. That's an early warning to look for, and then the joints begin to burn, or swell and even go numb. The body will continue to send out stronger signals until we are forced to stop the activity that we are doing that caused it pain. If you continue with that activity, you can cause permanent harm and may lose mobility of that portion of your body. Yoga will help with repetitive motion injuries because it helps us focus and listen to our body.

When you have gotten in touch with your body, you are more conscious of what it's trying to tell you. It feels uncomfortable and it demands you do something to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling. Once you have learned some Asanas, you will notice more quickly if you are allowing your body to slouch in your chair, or if your weight is not distributed evenly through your body when you're standing. Putting your body in bad form causes repetitive Stress Injuries. Yoga can help you easily recognize and then teaches you to keep your body in correct form. After a while, your body will automatically keep itself in the correct form. Posture is important, and good posture increases your chances of breathing correctly.

If you already have a repetitive motion injury or are trying to avoid one, it's essential to take frequent breaks from whatever your repetitive activity is. Yoga is a great strength builder and if you already have an injury, you don't want to aggravate it. Start slowly and practice the poses, stop doing them before you are in pain. Ask your Yoga instructor for some poses you can do that will specifically help the part of your body that has the injury. Most of all listen to your body. It will tell you when it needs a rest.

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