Dec 11 2015

Benefits of Sensual Massage London

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Benefits of Sensual Massage London

When it comes to sensual massage London a lot of people seem sceptical. But those who have indulged themselves at some point in their lives in an adult sensual massage, they know what the experience is like. Entire books have been written about the art of sensual massage and about how amazing this kind of massage can make you feel. Erotic and Tantric Massages have been regarded as a sacred skill in many ancient cultures and the techniques have been brought down by people of numerous civilizations. There is something very exotic and enthralling about a sensual massage – especially if the masseur knows their way around a massage table.


Sensual Massage London- Choosing A Sensual Massage Venue

There are plenty of sensual massage London venues that can set you up with a masseur who is perfect for you. Always choose from the superior and high end places so that you can enjoy a number of diverse massage services and make sure that the place offers a healthy and safe setting. The massage is not the only thing you need to concentrate on – you also need to have a fitting ambiance which is something only a professional high end massage place can offer. All this along with the right kind of massage oils and the skilful hands of a well-trained masseur will be an assurance that your experience will be pleasant.


Quality Sensual Massage London- Massages are also becoming admired because they offer a number of health benefits. Massage movements help improve blood circulation throughout your body and this helps your body stay healthy and fit. This is why many sensual massage London places pride themselves on providing services that contribute towards health and wellness. All the positive effects of massage have been proven through scientific research so it's not just another popular fad. Massage helps lower anger and stress levels and the person becomes calmer because their mind goes into a relaxed mode. The improvement of circulation also has major medical and health benefits.


A skilled masseur from a reliable sensual massage London place will ensure that you get the kind of exciting experience that you are paying for. Massages can cost anything from a couple of hundred pounds to even four thousand pounds – depending on the type of massage you wish to go for. A lot of massage parlours are also offering couple massage sessions so you and your partner can enhance your relationship and create positive feelings of intimacy which is the basis of a healthy and productive relationship. Affordable Sensual Massage London

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Nov 23 2015

About Making Music For the Great Goddess Kali

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About Making Music For the Great Goddess Kali

About Kali

Kali Ma is the first of the 10 mahavidya, or wisdom goddesses in the tantric tradition.

She is portrayed with black skin, 4 arms, wide open glaring eyes, a necklace consisting of severed heads and dances on the graves in the cemetery her tongue lolling wildly out of her big wide open mouth, laughing at the attachments of us mortal humans.

Indeed she is a terrible goddess to behold, especially for those who are not initiated in her ways.

About resonance

One of the most profound teachings of the tantric system is the teaching of resonance. The law of attraction which everyone is speaking about now a days is a subset of the law of resonance.

All matter in the universe is energy which vibrates at different frequencies. Two energies that vibrate with the same frequency will be attracted to one another and start to resonate together, meaning that they will start to exchange information and energy between them.

We are continually moving through different resonance spheres during the day and our moods and physical well being is continually being affected by these spheres. If we are in a place where the resonance is "angry" we will ourselves become angry. If we are in a place where the resonance is hectic and on edge as it is when watching a game of football in a stadium we will also become hectic and edgy. If we are in place where the resonance is serene and peaceful we will also become serene and peaceful.

A resonance can be inherent in a colour, in a landscape in a room with certain people etc. Certain landscapes lend to feelings of serenity and peace while other landscapes can make us feel lonely or terrified. Certain colours make us feel certain moods and feelings, and this goes as well for music.

If you meditate upon heavy metal you will enter into states of rage, hatred and destruction. You will enter into a state of resonance with the people who made the music and the state that they were in when they made the music. You will enter into resonance with all the people who listen to that music and who resonate with that state. You will start downloading all their negativity and hatred.

Likewise if you meditate on beautiful music you will resonate with states of beauty and harmony and with all the people that listen to that music.

One of the quickest ways of entering into a state of meditation with a specific aspect is by meditating with music which has the resonance of that aspect, which is why music is so efficient in "jump starting" us to enter the desired mood.

About making music applying the law of resonance

If you want to make music or art with a certain specific mood, you have to immerse yourself in that mood. You have to study it by looking at pictures and listening to music which conveys that mood. You have to act according to the mood as if it were already in you. In this way you will through the process of resonance, start to download the necessary information for the creation of the artwork. Through contemplation of an object you can enter into a state of resonance with that object and you will be able to very precisely convey the mood inherent in the object to anybody else who contemplates your art. The art that has the deepest impact on people is the art which most precisely conveys the resonance the artist immersed himself into while creating the artwork.

Kali and music

Meditation and contemplation on the great Goddess Kali will lead you to contemplate on concepts as life and death, on time, on courage. These are deep powerful states which might be terrifying for those who have not deeply meditated upon these aspects. Kali is dark skinned and terrifying to look at with blood dripping out of her mouth and with the chain of severed heads she wears around her neck.

Music with Kali will then also convey this aspect of terror. This can be done through deep drones and strong percussive rhythms. In this kind of music it also has an effect to use minor tonalities or Arabian/Indian modes with a flat nine to give an aura of mystique.

Ultimately Kali will lead the worshipper to a higher state of being, an opening of the heart when the ephemeral has been surpassed and a deeper understanding of life and death has been attained. This opening of the heart can be given through large strings sections and melodic lines which lead from down and up.

Hans Hvass is a musician, computer scientist and teacher of Tantra and Yoga leading a tantric art and retreat community centre in the north of Copenhagen. Hans was born in the kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa and lived in Hong Kong and France before settling down in Denmark where he met the Scandinavian Mariah Claiere at the Music Conservatory of Copenhagen. Together they form the music duo Ibis music which specialises in making tantric music for relaxation, lovemaking and evoking of the mahavidya. Hans Hvass has specialized his studies of tantra to The great cosmic Goddess Kali.

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Nov 04 2015

Breast Massage Tips to Grow Beautiful Breasts

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Massaging the breast is becoming very popular among the Western countries as a method to improve the bust line. Asian women have been massaging their breasts for centuries now, and know the advantages of such a process over the synthetic methods and surgeries being used today. Breast massage is actually very simple, and can be done within the privacy of one’s home without anyone else coming to know about it. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes per day.

The breast is composed of tissue and adipose fat. Massaging helps to tone these layers and hence provide firmness to the breast. This leads to enlargement and enhancement of the shape of the breasts. Some women have problems with their breasts like inverted nipples or sagging, which can be dealt with using the proper massaging techniques. Breast massage will increase the tone and the size of the bust, thus building self-confidence in the user.

Over time, toxins may build up within the breasts (especially in lactating mothers). These toxic wastes can be channeled away through massage. Some lactating women suffer from engorged breasts in which the milk does not find a way out of the nipple. Either that, or the woman does not get time to breast-feed the baby. Such an accumulation of milk in the breast is dangerous as it may convert into poisonous wastes and they may show a painful swelling. Massage helps in disgorging them.

Today, massaging them is also seen as a diagnostic and prophylactic cure for breast cancer. Though there is no concrete evidence about the results of breast massage on breast cancer, there have been favorable indications.

How to Massage the Breasts?
A suitable breast enhancement cream must be applied to them before beginning with the massage. This helps to keep the breasts supple and pliable when pressure is applied to them. You can use an herbal breast cream, which has botanical stimulants to bring about breast enhancement.

Breast massage is a very simple four-step procedure which can very easily be done at home. The following are the four steps that are to be implemented:-
Starting from the nipple, push downwards with the three longer fingers of your hand. The movement should be slow and almost graceful for better results. Be sure not to apply heavy pressure. The right trick is to maintain a moderate touch, but a prolonged contact.

Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream

Once the above step is done, then the breast should be lightly massaged with a kneading kind of action. Hold one breast with both your hands so as to cup out the breast. Do not apply heavy pressure; stop if it begins to hurt. Holding your breast in this manner, go on kneading it slightly for a while. Finish with one breast, and then take on the other.

The third step is most important to give a round firmness to the breasts. Hold your breast just as you had done in the earlier step. But instead of squeezing it out, give it a twirling kind of motion. Rotate your hands (and thus the breast) in a clockwise motion, followed by an equal anticlockwise motion. Continue this for about ten times. Then repeat with the other breast.

Finally, open out your palms on the breast such that they don’t cover the areola and are facing downwards. Then move your palms downwards so that the fingers rub against the side surfaces of the breast. This should not be done on the nipple, as it may spoil its shape. Continue this for about ten times per breast.

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